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    How would you rate episode 309?

    My favorite episode of the series so far. It took multiple viewings for me to come to this conclusion. It really is a perfect episode. I'll list the highlights: Great opening scene with Robb asking his mother for advice. Jon and Bran finally get to be badass! Loved the direwolves. Walder Frey couldn't have been cast better. Had some incredibly funny moments before the massacre. After that, you despise him just as much as you should. Robb and Talisa had some really touching moments. Made the Red Wedding that much harder. Blackfish. His comments about Edmure were great. He says one of my favorite lines of the series. Not to mention that look he got from the Frey girls haha. The dread they were able to get across as soon as Cat sees the doors close and Rains begin to play. My god. Her exchange with Roose was incredible. Robb and Cat were incredible during the massacre. Such pain and emotion. I'll never forget it.