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  1. I gave it a 7, an improvement on last week's. I liked Jon being beyond the wall. I like Brienne as Lord Commander of the King's guard and Davos as Master of ships. Even quite enjoyed Bronn as Master of Coin. Not sure about Bran as king of the six kingdoms though. Even though I didn't hate this as an ending I do hope the books are considerably different to this.
  2. I liked this a lot, more than last week's battle episode. I really liked how it gave the characters space to breathe and there were some great emotional scenes. It also set up everything for the final Game of Thrones to play out. A few shocks in there as well.
  3. yeah, this was too dark for my eyesight. I had to turn on Audio Description for Game of Thrones a few years ago and been using it since. Scenes in the House of Black & White along with most castle by candlelight scenes are just too dark for me. As for this episode I did enjoy it but there weren't too many stand-out moments though. I think Battle of the Blackwater was better.
  4. A solid season opener, laying out the pieces and setting the scene for what's to come. Some touching reunions, glad they got them all done and dusted early and didn't drag them out over too long.
  5. Sorry haven't read the 17 pages. I made a thread to ask this but it has disappeared. Any idea what the Hound meant when he said to the Mountain "You know who's coming for you"?
  6. 9 Glad the Sansa Arya plot has worked itself out. Didn't really like it but at it finally ended Littlefinger I'm ok with it. The only surprise with the Cersei story was Jamie leaving. Wish Bronn had gone with him. Hopefully we get a more redemptive arc for him now. Not a huge death-toll this year but I guess the show's attrition over the previous few years meant there weren't as many major characters left to kill.
  7. Thank you, Live long & prosper! Personally I would prefer they use artistic license with logistics then limit the story to a small geographical area. The whole capture a wight idea was silly but logistics was the least of its problems.
  8. I wavered between a 7 and an 8, went with 8 as I did enjoy the banter. The logistics of folk getting around so quickly don't bother me anymore. They could write the show in a way that the logistics were more realistic but that would involve having to put in lots of filler so the timing worked. With infinite budgets they could pull it off but even then we'd have to watch lots of filler (some of which could be interesting world building but by this stage of the story even interesting world building would be annoying).
  9. An impressive 9 for me. Some good character moments with Sansa & Arya, Jon & Dany, Jon & Theon. Some great action scenes, the fight between Brienne & Arya was quite good but the battle was excellent. There was real peril there, I thought Bronn was a goner. Didn't think they'd kill Jaime but the chance is there. Team Dany has had some major loses recently so it's about time team Cersei lost a major player or two. Bran's "Chaos is a ladder" was a nice moment, the look on Littlefinger's face.
  10. Anyone else use the Audio Description feature on Sky Atlantic in the UK? I've had to since the lighting on the show went quite dark a few seasons back. Apart from them calling Ser Davos Seaforth rather than Seaworth, this week it had quite a big gaff. It described the Lannister army with Jaime on horseback with Kevan Lannister. I was quite confused as I thought he had died in Cersei's purge last season. But from reading other comments I think it must have been Randyll Tarly with Jaime. This makes much more sense. Good episode either way. Plenty of plot progression. Some good interactions - Jon & Tyrion and Jaime & Oleana in particular. Minor gripe with the Iron Bank of Braavos being in the Slave Trade when the city of Braavos was founded by escaped slaves and it's the one city in Essos which never had slavery. A minor plot point which doesn't ruin the show for me.
  11. A steady 7. Good progression on several plot-lines, they're not dithering much this season - with us drawing close to the end of the story and with only seven episodes this season they really are marching at a pace. Some great scenes with Jon & Tyrion (Davos and Dany were good too), Jaime & Oleana, Sam, Jorah & Archmaester. I liked that the battles were brief (save the big battle scenes for later in the season). My one gripe was that the Iron Bank of Braavos suffered a down turn in its slave trade. The whole point of Braavos was to escape slavery. No way is the Iron Bank funding slavery anywhere. But meh, a minor plot point.
  12. What is Baelish up to? Is he trying to antagonise Jon in order to make fuel the rivalry between him and Sansa? I'm not liking Sansa just now, wondering if she is acting under the influence (even if unknowingly) of Littlefinger?
  13. Another solid 8. The stories are moving along at a reasonable pace, no too much dithering. Arya had some great moments. Meeting Hotpie, finding out about Jon, turning North and then meeting her Dire Wolf again. Melisandre getting right down to it at Dragonstone, Jon heading there for dragon-glass and allies. Only grumble here was Sansa arguing with Jon again. They're building this Jon / Sansa rivalry thing which I'm not enjoying. Then we get some decent action scenes with the naval battle. A cull of sand-snakes can't be bad any time!
  14. A solid 8. It covered almost every character and set up their plots nicely. Couldn't really expect much more from a season opener. They packed a lot into that episode and it nearly all was important story building.
  15. My first 10/10 this season. I thoroughly enjoyed that 69 minutes of television. A great end to a solid season. There was a lot in there, perhaps a little too much as it did feel a little rushed in places. The opening was so atmospheric, that piano music was chilling. Lyanna Mormont FTW! The White Wolf, King in the North! Promise me Ned. Frey Pies! Tyrion Lannister be the Hand of the Queen. Even Dorne was ok due to Olenna putting the Sand Snakes in their place. I'd have swapped the final two scenes. I think ending with Cersei sitting on the Throne would have been better. A shame they killed off Margaery, I had hopes she was planning something.
  16. TV works differently from books which is why Ned is still alive in the show, and Robb, and Stannis and Selmy. This why in the books there is no way ever that Ramsey will die, he'll be Lord of Winterfell at the end of the books. The show is wrapping up its stories now. It has to start killing off baddies. It's taken six seasons for the Starks to finally start having a good day. The books will be doing the same thing now that we are approaching end game.
  17. 9 / 10. Only a few minor niggles loses it a point. Great to see the demise of Ramsey. Fitting end to him too. Finally some real progress in Mereen, though it was a little rushed at the end. The Battle was Epic, not quite as Epic as Blackwater though. I did like the scene between Yara and Dany, some good back-and-forth. The Rickon run was edge-of-the-seat stuff, so tense. My minor woes this week were: The Vale knights swooping in at the last minute was poor. Wun Wun dying I had hoped The Umbers would have betrayed Ramsey or the Manderley would turn up.
  18. Another 7 / 10 (given most episodes this season 7 with ca couple of 8s). A solid episode once more with some good scenes and a few niggles. Let's start with the good. I liked the scene with Berric (didn't expect to see him again) and Thoros, happy that the BWB weren't all rotten. The Hound was pretty good here too, I wonder if he'll join the BWB and assume the LSH role. Bronn and Pod was funny. Brienne and Jaime was pretty touching. Jaime and Edmure was also a great scene. King's Landing was fairly good this week, Tommen's ban on Trials by Combat was hilarious. I did like the "A girl is Arya Stark and I'm going home." line. What I wasn't so keen on. Arya being stabbed thrice in the gut gets a little stitching from an actress and is good to go. I was expecting some king of FM magic potion or something. Arya killing the Waif so easily was a bit convenient. The Blackfish dying when he hardly did anything yet, so much wasted potential. Was hoping he'd have gone north to Sansa. The whole Brienne storyline seems a little wasted just now, maybe they'll go somewhere with it.
  19. 7 / 10 Another solid build-up episodes. Some really good scene but also some bad points. Great to see the Hound again. Ian McShanes's Septon was excellent. The confrontation between Olenna and Cersei was fantastic. Jaime and Bronn taking over the Siege of Riverrun and the face to face with the Blackfish had some good mements. Lyanna Mormont was brilliant and her 62 men was hilarious. The bad parts were: The Brotherbood Without Banners attacking poor septons doesn't make much sense to me. Losing a great character who was only there for one episode is disappointing. A meeting with Brienne would have been really good with this wandering Septon. There was plenty of potential here that can never be fulfilled now. I don't get Yara and Theon going to Dany, what can they offer her? What can she offer them?
  20. I agree. Cersei may love Tommen but that doesn't mean everything she does if for Tommen's good. The point of the prophesy is "The younger more beautiful queen taking all she has". I don't think the tv version ever mentioned The Valenqar. Cersei could have gone to Casterly Rock and lived a very comfortable life and let Tommen (with Kevan and Margery) rule. But her jealousy and power hungry nature wouldn't let her. She pull down the whole lot of them before she lets Margery be queen.
  21. 7. A good solid build-up episode. Plaots are coming to a head now in readiness for the season finale. Arya and the Waif are set against each other. Jaime is en route to the Riverlands, where we have the Freys battling The Blackfish, The Malisters and The Blackwoods, with BWB in the mix. Brienne also heading towards this. The Faith and Cersei are set to have their Trial by Combat. Dany has a Kaleshar charging towards Meree and conquet. Only Bran is still unclear as to what he is up to.
  22. Didn't Jaime say in the last meeting that the Tyrell men should surround the Great Sept but not to actually attack. To intimidate them. My guess is that Cersei had this idea. But what she didn't tell Jaime is that she intends then to provoke one side or the other so that it actually kicks off. Cersei will hope that in the melee that Margery and / or Loras get killed. I don't think the High Sparrow would actually just kill them though. Perhaps Cersei would try to get men close to Margery or Loras and kill them to make it seem like it was the HS who did it.
  23. I agree. Although the comments by some people (both 1s and 10s) have been right out of order. Someone several pages back accused people of having reading comprehension of fourth graders, the irony being their signature had a grammatical error, they don't know where to use an apostrophe (or where not to more specifically). I decided against naming and shaming as I don't think the mud slinging on here is appropriate. Let's keep this civil. Be Excellent to each other.
  24. We are not objectively apraising the value of a piece of fine art here to attach a $ amount. We are subjectively providing an indication of how much we enjoyed this particular episode. We are random people giving comments on the interwebs. We can't (nor shouldn't) take emotion out of it. It is precisely our emotional response that these forums are gauging. A 10/10 is not saying the episode is perfect in every way. It is saying that what flaws are there (and there are several) did not impact my enjoyment of this episode, that despite Littlefinger's apparent teleporting I still thoroughly enjoyed this hour of television. I personally didn't give it a 10 but can see why many did. A 1/10 is saying that you derived no pleasure, enjoyment nor entertainment what so ever from this episode. That some (fairly minor) niggles with plot or televisual logistics negated all positive aspects of the episode. Sure the show makes mistakes, continuity errors and takes shortcuts sometimes - every show does but we look past them as much as we can. Episodes should rarely be getting 1s or 10s. If you're scoring episodes 1 for more than half a dozen in a row, then you probably shouldn't be watching as you are not enjoying the show. If you're scoring them 10 every week then you're probably taking some happy pills.
  25. True, but it's the same people every week giving a 1. They could just go into next week's episode and give a score now, as it will be 1. They aren't scoring the episodes, they just don't like the show. And considering that they have been giving episodes a 1 for several seasons now means that they have stuck around for some reason. They aren't being paid to watch the show (most of them, there may be some actual critics paid to watch). In which case they must be deriving some entertainment and enjoyment out of the show. Thus it is somewhat disingenuous to give every episode a 1.
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