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    icecreamandfireflies.tumblr.com if you have a tumblr send me an ask or something and I will follow you =D especially if you post asoiaf-meta
  2. studying my fairy tales like a good little bird~ I can haz lemoncakes?

  3. that moment when you're all out of intelligent post ideas~ *derp*

  4. I'm a girl. I don't call myself a "woman" often, because I don't really feel like a person grown. I don't particularly make a point of running around yelling at all the boys in the yard "anything you can do I can do better!" mostly because I don't care to do most of what they do. I like my dolls and my dreams and my pink fluffy blankets. But even so, I can't help but feel angry when I see men like Tyrion walking around treating women as objects and...

  5. Mad Soul Child <3 "Sumgeul"

  6. that moment when your only response to a fictional character is "no shit sherlock"

  7. that moment when your only response to fictional character is "no shit sherlock"