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    How would you rate episode 410?

    I was disappointed to begin with, then I realised all of my disappointments were because of scenes and speeches I was expecting that didn't occur, LS, She's been fucking..., Tyrion being witty when killing Tywin, etc. After I realised that I rewatched some scenes, and I now think it's fucking brilliant. Some of the changes I think are better, Brienne and the Hound, Varys going with Tyrion is a brilliant idea!! I'm thinking that more and more, watchers who have read the books should only expect basic plot developments, then sit back, chill the fuck out, and enjoy one of the best shows on TV
  2. 10. Absolutely loved it. There was nothing I didn't like, and some of the scenes were amongst the best of the series. The Scythe, the great 360 crane shot of battle, Grenn inspiring his brothers while a giant charges at them, Jon killing a Thenn, Sam offhandedly killing a Thenn, Sam's great speech about becoming 'nothing'. I was surprised Stannis didn't arrive this episode but in the end I'm glad he didn't. It gave a chance for the Night's Watch to be heroic, to continue fighting when all seems lost, then, when defeat seems inevitable, for Stannis to arrive.
  3. 9/10. Judging by some of the other comments I think I am in a pretty good position, I watched the first two seasons before picking up a book, then read all of them before the third season. I look forward to scenes but I don't obsess over some details like some fans seem to. Not that there is anything wrong with that but I sometimes it may detach you from what's going on in the show. For example, 'only cat' to 'your sister', it's such a tiny tiny change and yet a few people are devastated with it because they've read that scene over and over for years, and have stated it's one of their favourite lines, and have written essays on littlefinger and catelyn and sansa and the vale. Change seems heretical. Anyway, what I'm getting at is that I was really looking forward to the duel, I even reread the chapter a few times and read on the forum what people were expecting. Even with all that expectation, I loved it. I thought going into it there was two things they had to do well: the brute power of the mountain versus the agility and skill of the red viper, and the red viper's very complex mixture of cool arrogance and vengeance. I think they nailed both. I was surprised the poison wasn't hinted at but I don't mind, I thought Tyrion might throw up but the change was fine. Sansa change was very unexpected but did not feel unnatural or uncharacteristic.. well... perhaps a little... Littlefinger being unprepared was uncharacteristic.... but I felt like in the books the absolute ease he was able to pin the murder on Marillion seemed unrealistic. Man I'm rambling... anyway.... very good episode
  4. My god the snark was over powering! Cersei vs pycelle, oberyn and ellaria, brienne. Loras vs jamie, then 10 minutes of tyrion vs joffrey. Still the dreadfort scenes were great