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    College as my main hobby (i'm studying history)
    asoiaf is IMNSHO best work of fiction ever
  1. well yes but i think that roots and "foreshadowing" and early signs of how will this develop could be seen in some scenes in season 1 And Cersei was already changed a lot, etc. Eddard killing his Sansa's direwolf lady with regular knife instead of with Ice after he protested from unworthly execution from Payne's sword, etc.
  2. "It's Not TV. It's HBO" that's the whole point of my disdain for this adaptation, the whole point along with their other recent mediocre fan pleasing series they're just TV
  3. Last quarter or third of Storm of Swords, if you read it at once without spoilers, will be one of best hours of your life regarding artistic consummation, if not the best. I couldn't possibly name one favorite scene, plot line resolution but the one that sticks out is Stannis arrival, it's so masterfully executed with GRRM characteristic short effective last sentence of chapters (along with first short effective sentence). "Jon turned away, and went inside the tent." I fear that adaptation will change that into some quasi overly dramatic sequence of Mance being close to killing Jon, then Stannis will arrive leading his army, exposing himself unrealistically. He will save Jon or something like that. Some stupid mediocre quasi-war music theme, Stannis shouting some "cool" lines, etc. In the books you just have from Jon's POV, his thoughts and realization. No need tho show everything, GRRM don't write it if he can't depict some creative and important moment in mere battle. Show will ofcourse show it all, despite constant boring argument from show apologist of budget constraints. Similar to Ygritte's death,: in books it's so surrealistically ordinary, sudden and feels naturally as always with GRRM (unlike stupid claiming that books and show use death for mere shock value!) In the show it was horribly executed with super cheesy last minute bow in the back from inexperienced swordsman who saves the main character, seen 1000 times before. Before that he got some advice to fight, not hide. And then some slow motion.
  4. oh please, i really didn't know that you know what i meant referring to this particular episode
  5. yeah if you never in your life watched historical action movie, you'll be crazy entertained otherwise, it's like watching skyrim battle from spectator's perspective
  6. Neil Marshall and Dave&Dan would be great choice for Skyrim adaptation, not adapting last quarter of A Storm of Swords, one of the best reading experiences people can experience. Cliche and stereotypes ridden adaptation (ygritte's way of death, standard cowardly high ranking arrogant boastful commander Janos Slynt, 300like idiotic battle shouts, awkward sex talk before deadly battle). Fights were extra boring, music is super-mediocre and unoriginal. Very uncreative visualizations of Giants and wildling's leaders. But that we know of before. Good parts: love talk (even though Aemon's past is another example of masterful DUMBING DOWN), some actor performances, directing, cinematography and choreography were more or less solid, maybe above solid for TV production. All in all, it's 5/10 from me. Three years before I would never dream of seeing something so popcorny mass appealing, campy and cliched as average Hollywood history flic of HBO's production but times have changed, HBO is mere a shadow of it former self and money along with huge audience and all that... But hey it was damn EPIC hour of television, whatever that word means.
  7. i love hate facebook comments under westeros.org review "did comic book from simpson wrote this, geeze" apparently when you write constructive criticism with arguments, elaboration, knowledge and cultural examples you're the most stereotypical caricature of nerd like reviewers are the nerds that bitch, not people with teamsport fans generic arguments that's way many book apologist (not all, mind you) scream: "better something, than anything" "it was fucking EPIC dude" (using just that word like it means something, in other words they're totally inarticulate) like the dumbest kids in my the literature analysis class ("Camus put the lost dog "subplot" in The Stranger to prolong the short book")
  8. biggest cliche-fest HBOor cable television has ever put on screen i am not sure that show runners understand world written in those long fat books it's like there exist some programme that converts every literary work into stupid on-the nose dumbed down predictable Hollywood flick expected framing, camera work. extremely mediocre and over dramatic music.... it's sad because there are so many great "main" actors here some of them are as mediocre and overdramatic as show, but alfie allen, nikolai coster, sophie turner, pascal, his on screen concubine that started in hob's rome.. and many more are great and often wrongly used.... like when you see great young drama actor wasting career and making money on bad franchise flicks, superhero movies, zombie -vampire cahsins. like robert sheehan and nicholas hoult and many, many more the fact that d&d will show, visualize to the world the end of grrm 20-year long narrative sends shivers down my spine like nothing in life regarding art consummation
  9. Andrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtYhmD2TZs0 teenage fantasy, just like that idiotic Daario scene dragon queen orders his mercenary to strip down in front of her to show his possibly impressive man parts and make love with her while she drinks her wine. very creative and imaginative (for a horny 13yr old fantasy fanfiction starter) the most mediocre show that HBO has ever done, total fan-service (stupid ones) and ofcourse they had to include stupid overly dramatic music in the long awaited "only cat" scene (I'm thinking of The Third Man influence), and they had to stress out "Your sister" otherwise they would confuse wide viewership of fantasy fans intelligentsia 3/10
  10. Andrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Well, are you sure about that, they're catching up... I just want last two or three books totally , totally unaffected by this adaptation (and i hate that "[A] Game of thrones" (article "a" as the compromise) title is replacing asoiaf everywhere). Don't worry I'm relaxed cause i knew from the first few episodes of season two this will happen. and i don't get excited when i'm consuming art (:D) or typing whether i'm disappointed or otherwise. The only time i got totally excited is when i read Bran's awakening chapter from AGOT and realized how much potential does book have then the adaptation. It's more laughable to me to watch quasi-dramatic scenes even though show have many, if not the most great actors (kit harington is not one of them)
  11. Andrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    I don't have a problem with changes, i don't wanna watch 100per cent the same thing i read, there is no use of that, i don't wanna another Sin City, who really needs that? I have a problem that many characters and events just bear the same names from the books, I have a problem that this show treats their viewership like we're idiots so they need to stress out everything, NO subtlety from the books, I have a problem with boring, expected and stereotypical directing and adapting on screen. Screenwriters can't be consistent even within their own character changes they made. You know, Ned doesn't want for sansa's wrerewolf Lady to be killed by some butcher, so he slights her throat with a knife instead of using his longsword Ice. Everything is so generic, expected, things i would expected from some stupid high budget flick, not from HBO.
  12. Andrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Well i disagree that this is anyway near largely faithful adaptation, even if we talk about the first season. I suggest you to watch Ellio and Linda arguments on their yt channel (even though our webmasters do say that the first season was largely faithful, where i disagree... look at the particular arguments that are in NO WAY nitpicking or other alternative opinions like http://www.westeros.org/GoT/Features/Entry/An_Adaptation_without_Honor
  13. Andrey

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    Just look at the scene when Jon asks for volunteers , pay attention to the mediocre typical-hollywood background music, acting, directing, camera work... sums up the whole show which is incredibly hollywoodized version of phenomenal and original novels. So hollywoodized, mediocre, fantasticaly dumbed down and adjusted for mass appeal. Starting from dialogues, visualisations [Others, Giants, wildings ...] (which will now stay in collective memory even though many commisoned artist presented world much, much closer to Martin's vision, but that was expected anyway) coreography, characters adjusted to popular tropes of hollywood drama and quasi-realistic drama series. No wonder this show is so popular. Truly painful to watch. But hey! the show is epic, Hodor is epic, Martin got "truckload of money" delivered and we will probably see resolution in the much quicker way, who has time to read fat books when you have this "epic" show with such cool actors. I just hope Illuminati conspiracy against fantasy fiction will be battled against so this show can get all the emmys, golden globes and whatnot.