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    How would you rate episode 501?

    I was sort of bored, for a first time, during a got episode.
  2. rainsofcastamere_

    How would you rate episode 406?

    This is my first 10 this season, the trial scene was masterpiece, really. I loved Charles Dance,Peter and NDW, oh and Oberyn was fantastic also.
  3. rainsofcastamere_

    How would you rate episode 402?

    I've been waiting all this time to see that little shit of Joffrey going down and now I'm kind of sad that we're not gonna see anymore of Jack Gleeson's amazing acting. He did a great job with the purple wedding, any scene with him was brilliant. I liked how Sansa was helping Tyrion, and her non-verbal act was nice, as someone mentioned before. That being said, I was sort of disappointed with Lena's scene, I don't know, I guess I expected to be more dramatic, she was all like "Aaaah Tyrion did this, get him" and that was it. Though I liked the rest of her scenes, with Oberyn and Brienne. And damn, I wouldn't complain if we got more Oberyn scenes Anyway the only thing that bothers me and kind of creeps me out, after this episode, is that Roose Bolton's beard is getting longer and longer... dafuq is that? :laugh: Also that eyebrow-twitching while talking with Ramsey about Reek was just ridiculous and so not ...Boltonish. I think Mike Mcelhatton can do better than that. But all in all I liked that they put that Bolton father and son conversation, I hope we're gonna see more of that, I almost felt sorry for Ramsey. Almost. And that shaving thing with Ramsey and Reek was a nice touch