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  1. Chilli

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    My mother also has 2 brothers who were named Gabriel. The first one died very young, so the next newborn son was named after him. Unfortunately, the second Gabriel also died young. The kids after both Gabriels had died got a completely different name and they all survived childhood.
  2. You know there is a 7th and 8th season. Some people will oppose Cersei next season, I'm sure of. And probably the people in Kingslanding will choose Dany or someone else who has a (minor) claim, but it may take some time.
  3. Chilli

    Board Issues 4

    I know that but it comes back every time I refresh.
  4. It was too early for Lady Stoneheart to show up at the end of season 3 or 4. What could she have done? Killing people in every scene? In the books she was only mentioned once or twice and that ended with a cliffhanger which is gonna be resolved in book 6. So the end of season 5 or season 6 is the right moment to introduce her.
  5. Chilli

    Board Issues 4

    Just when I was typing it, it was gone. I have another question. When I check the full board version (not the mobile version) on my smartphone (Android), since a few weeks I always see 'follow' and 'share'. Can I turn this off permanently because it's difficult to read the rest?
  6. Chilli

    Board Issues 4

    I have the same problem right now. Windows 8.1 Firefox.