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    Might be a stretch, but I noticed a few similarities while rereading To Kill A Mockingbird recently. 1. The Finch's have their ancestral home, Finch's Landing. -That made me think of King's Landing which I always thought was a bizarre name for a capital. I get it, but still. 2. It's tradition for a male of the family to live and earn a living there (until an Aunt becomes "the Finch who remained at the Landing"). -Reminded me of the whole "the Stark in Winterfell" business 3. Scout is a tomboy and her father encourages her despite the protests of female authority figures. -This is nothing new. The first time I read AGOT, I pictured Scout in medieval garb when Arya was described. 4. Atticus reluctantly serves the town when called upon to put down a rabid dog -Ned is reluctantly serving as Hand of the King when he commands the execution of Gregor Clegane, Tywin Lannister's "mad dog" 5. And of course, the dramatic courtroom scene where Atticus addresses the jury while wielding his greatsword, Ice. -Actually, I might be misremembering that last one.