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  1. Dudes. Are you really not seeing who the main villain is? It is Bran/3ER!!
  2. This episode was horrible in so many ways. Really poorly done. D&D fanfiction at its worst. Because: -Melisandre appearing out of nowhere, no backstory, no reason, no explanation on why she came from the wrong direction. Also she does not do anything meaningful. -Dothraki suicide charge. Who ordered them to do that and why? -Dragons fire charges, why so few? -How did the wights become so easy to kill all of a sudden? -Why no fighting for the White Walkers? -Where and why did Bran warg? What was the purpose? -How and when did Arya get into the library? -Why weren't the walls manned directly after the retreat into Winterfell? -How on earth did Arya ex Machina get into position to kill the Night King? I'm really in no mood to even watch the remaining episodes. Predictable, fan fiction, fan service BS.
  3. 14ccKemistk

    Name of the battle?

    The Long Night Battle then maybe? Has a nice dual meaning to it.
  4. 14ccKemistk

    Name of the battle?

    What is the name of the battle anyway? Battle of Winterfell, Battle at Winterfell, The White Walker Battle, The Night King Battle? Something else?
  5. 14ccKemistk

    Who is Going to Die

    You guys have way too high hopes for survival. This episode is Ragnarök. The WW and NK will be defeated but at such a cost that then defeating Cersei will be impossible in a regular army battle. Here is how I think this will be played out: The Battle at Winterfell will have a death count unheard of since the "real" Ragnarök. While eventuelly defeating the dead, the WW, Viserion and the NK, it will be at the price of all of the gathered armies at Winterfell. And it will also mean the death of most of the characters. I.e. Grey Worm, Edd, Tormund, Hound, Pod, Brienne, Jaime, Theon, Jorah, Lyanna, Gendry, Arya, Davos, Varys, Ghost, Rhaegal, Yohn Royce, Wolkan, Arys, Missandei and Beric are all dead to me. This leaves the following little gang to regroup at Pyke: Sansa, Jon, Daenarys, Bran, Sam, Tyrion and Drogon (plus Yara). Only uncertain fates to me are Gilly and little Sam, it matters little to the story as a whole if they survive or not. Guesstimate of the ending follows: The very few soldiers the Pyke gang can muster will then be used to lure out Cersei's troops to a battle, a seemingly easy win for Cersei. This is however a trick in order to assassinate Cersei in a back stabbing mission behind the lines, which succeeds. The GC abandons KL, Euron is defeated somehow and the road to the Throne now lies wide open. Dany and Jon then lay down their claims to the throne. Since they can't agree on who's the most entitled to the crown among the two of them, they agree to appoint Sansa as the Queen of the 7K instead. Tyrion gets Casterly Rock, Sam becomes Grand Maester, Dany flies back to Mereen to do general Essos improvements, Jon takes Winterfell, Yara keeps Pyke. Bronn gets some random castle that Tyrion promised him while talking his way out of Bronn's attempt to kill him. Bran moves into a tree. Hmm, maybe some more character needs to survive in order to be HotQ to Sansa...? Well, well. Anyway - The End.
  6. 14ccKemistk

    Who is Going to Die

    Nah, it was too long ago that they did it. But Gilly is of course not safe at all anyway since she are in the no-so-safe crypts.
  7. 14ccKemistk

    Who is Going to Die

    Arya should be considered dead already if you go by the Death by Sex theorem. Gendry too. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DeathBySex
  8. In the crypts, I'd very much expect Rickon to make an appearance :-)
  9. 14ccKemistk

    We didn’t see the Night King at he end of E02

    Could NK already be inside WF? What if he is a FM and wears the face of someone we know? Could one of Tormund, Theon or even Jaime have been killed by the Night King on the way to Winterfell and he has then taken the face of his victim?
  10. 14ccKemistk

    Who is Going to Die

    I'd rather ask - who'll live? The only relatively likely survivors I can think of are Sansa, Dany, Jaime, Bran.
  11. 14ccKemistk

    Order of deaths to come.

    Ok, Yara as winner is unfounded. How do you know that someone correctly found the ending after book 2?
  12. 14ccKemistk

    Order of deaths to come.

    I believe that the WW battle will have a MASSIVE death toll. In no particular order i think the following will die in E03: Jorah, Davos, Hound, Gendry, Tormund, Berric, Jaime, Grey Worm, Brienne, Edd, Theon, Pod, Missandei, Arya, Yohn Royce, Little Bear. During E04–E06 we also see the death of: Tyrion, Cersei, Euron, Mountain, Bronn, Qyburn, Daenaerys, Mellisandre. Survivors: Jon, Yara, Varys, Sam, Sansa, Bran. Jon wins the throne but rejects it, he beleive he has nothing to rule over and nothing to live for either. Jon offers Iron Throne to Yara instead, who takes it. GoT winner: Yara Greyjoy!
  13. Ever since (at least) the death of Darth Vader in The Return of the Jedi, american storytelling culture has had a huge problem in dealing with "redemtion characters". I.e. characters that early in the story does something (almost) unforgivable but goes over to the "good side" later on. Such characters are almost always killed off after they've done something heroic at the end. I personally find this a too easy and lazy way of storytelling, freeing the writer and the audience from conflicted feelings if the character really had redeemd himself enough. There are a handful of GoT characters that I fear will have to suffer this kind of "redemption death", especially Jaime Lannister, Jorah Mormont and Theon Greyjoy. To me it would be far more interesting if these characters fate was something different. Even something dull and ordinary would be better than death. Theon could get some kind of job at Winterfell, Jaime could just take over Casterly rock and Jorah could go home to Bear Island for example. What would you prefer, the "default solution" of death for these people or would you like something different?
  14. 14ccKemistk

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    As much as I like your Pink letter theory, I find a weak spot that if solved, would convince me completely: By the end of the Theon chapter, Stannis does still not know anything of Manderleys deal with Davos and that they are allies. How could he hope to enter Winterfell without Manderleys help to deceive the Boltons and opening the gates from within? The only satisfactory solution that I can come up with is that we'll have to have another chapter were we see Stannis getting the Manderly-is-an-ally message from someome (who?) whereafter we might even see him writing the fake death letter to Ramsay.