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  1. That's literally the most un-Stannis thing possible.
  2. HAHAHA WTF is wrong with these writers!?
  3. Dagon

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    I'm glad I hung in there.
  4. Dagon

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Now I see why Daario bailed.
  5. Dagon

    [Book Spoilers] EP507 Discussion

    Who's ready for more pain!?
  6. Dagon

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Every episode now is 50 minutes of set up and 10 minutes of actual stuff happening.
  7. I'm gonna guess that Barristan is alive (for now.) It looked like he was about to get his throat slit but was saved.
  8. Drogon is trying to show her the way. She'll learn eventually.