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  1. what cliffhangers are people talking about?? they completely butchered the whole jon snow death scenario (your uncle is alive! come here and find more information! wtf kind bullshit was that the dorne storyline was completely pointless, the batman and robin kiss of death bullshit on myrcella the stannis storyline just proved how much D&D hated and ruined stannis by having him burn his daughter alive and his wife kill herself while melisandre just dips and rides to castle black. what kind of lazy writing is everything to do with that storyline in the show
  2. the only good scenes were the ones with arya and even dorne was okay last night the wall scene was pretty weird considering they came from the north nd then didn't even really discuss what happened stannis trusting melisandre was dumb considering the leeches didn't even kill all three kings, dont even get me started on Selyse breaking down all of the sudden after being a heartless psycho religious fanatic the entire show and then the daznak pit was good up until they were surrounded... very forced. just came off as a jump the shark episode to me. My father was in the same boat as well and he doesn't even read the books. he just says the episode seemed off and out of touch with the rest of the show Arya scenes though were enjoyable as always and hopefully the dornish plot doesn't turn into a filler but that depends on next week. also whats all this I'm hearing about how D&D weren't even going to include Dorne in the show but the book readers were crying about it?
  3. this episode was probably the worst in the entire show in my opinion
  4. well they looked similar in face from what i could tell even though he was covering up a bit
  5. i tried to make a thread about this but apparently it was not thread worthy enough that man that was with Brienne and Pod in the north... was that the blackfish...?
  6. also so if Sansa is going to Winterfell and Littlefinger has a marriage proposal does that mean she will be the "fake arya" and instead just marry sansa off to Ramsey? and then instead of having the brienne/pod wandering the river lands plot they'll play the role of Mance and the spear wives? considering Mance is dead? i hope they dont play as Asha/Yara instead, i wanna see her back on the show
  7. aemon wasn't the deciding vote one of the voting shapes was on the wrong pile so he moved it also i agree it was rushed. They shoulda pushed it towards the end of the episode and let the stannis/jon snow scene sit in the viewers head to have stannis offer him winter fell and then go right to a scene of him telling sam he won't take it was kinda lame....
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