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  1. You know you don't have to watch the show, right? No one's forcing you.
  2. I kind of wish sansa hadn't become darth sansa. I get it, she's maturing and everything, but is she going to become evil? I hope to god it isn't foreshadowing.
  3. i would have given it a 10 if stannis had arrived. they really could have fit that in. i think they just wanted to have a cliffhanger for jon too. this episode could have just been long and next week shorter (or regular length). i would still give it a 9
  4. to people saying that the episode sucks, reeeaaalllly? i mean, come on. just because it didnt end how you pictured it doesnt make the whole thing terrible. i also wish that stannis would have shown up tonight, but i'm not devistated like so many of you are. d&d, who everyone just loves to hate on, probably have their reasons for putting it in ep 10. i could be wrong, but i dont think any of you have seen ep 10 yet, so how could you possibly know that this is as bad a decision as everyone thinks? it will probably open the episode. we will get a solid, long scene of jon with mance, then the battle. it's getting really irritating that i have to say this after what seems like every episode, but here we go. WAIT FOR EVERYTHING TO PLAY OUT BEFORE YOU JUDGE THE ENTIRE SHOW.
  5. entire bar reacts to ending http://dailycaller.com/2014/06/04/watch-entire-bar-react-to-grisly-game-of-thrones-battle-video/
  6. I didn’t get my eeeeelllliiiiiaaaaaa, but I don’t care, because that was fucking awesome. The sansa stuff was interesting. one of my most fistpumpingly awesome moments in the books is when lf reveals his plans to her at the end of affc. It looks like we aren’t going to get that, but I don’t really care. her stuff was really really good. she really is a player now. that was great. I’m not sure where they’re going with it, but I have faith. The arya thing is why histarical laughter is weird. My family was just confused. Overall, I think this might be my favorite episode of all time. I absolutely loved every moment. Really good stuff. I like the grey worm/missandei story. Its kind of cute. Just like I absolutely loved the sam/gilly scenes By the way, it blows my mind how people can live post while watching the show. Great multitasking
  7. they had the perfect chance for tyrion to talk about tysha, but they didnt have him bring her up. "i sould have never believed that a whore could love me." he should have said. , "i should have learned my lesson the first time" im starting to think that they are dropping that whole thing. also, fucking sansa!. that whole segment of th show was amazing. i'll even forgive the "your sister" because it was so good. the stark theme as she walsk out... so many feels. that kiss. ugh. poor sophie. must have been pretty awkward to film.
  8. the best part of the whole episode was just how slumped and relaxed oberyn was during most of the trial
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