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  1. Should book readers/purists stop watching the show?

  2. There's an interview on another site that has Maisie saying as much. Not so much of the "going dark" doom and gloom folks are saying round here. More so that she's finally able to laugh at something and that something is that the hound just saw the light at the end of his tunnel go out.
  3. I get folks complaints about that storyline though, especially in an ep where you are literally just waiting for the last set piece and you feel like the clock is ticking. My explanation is purely based on "the other shoe dropping" and nigh time SotH murders to start popping off at some point....of course D&D could be totally trolling us and the "Big Reveal" is that the unsullied had their man parts all along and their Ken doll status was just an urban legend.
  4. more so setting up a backstory for the attacks on unsullied in mereen and being killed by the SoTH. Some were killed on their routine patrols,which prompted mandated "buddy patrols". When unsullied continue getting killed at night, readers find out that some visit the pleasure houses.Now show-Dany and viewers will be able to make sense of Eunuchs visiting whorehouses, since they both see a firsthand example (rather than a second hand story) about Unsullied still having sexual/romantic feelings.....that is unless they cut that part of the mereen story out.
  5. I took the beetle story as Tyrion basically coming to a realization that no matter how clever he is, there are somethings that you just won't figure out/talk your way out of/think your way out of. He sounded resigned to his fate. He spoke of spending inordinate amounts of time watching, studying, following,questioning Orson, but never knew why? It consumed him and he even says (paraphrase) someone as smart as me should be able to figure out the machinations of a halfwit(unparaphrase). At the end of the story, he doesn't know anymore than he did before his obsession....but he's ok with that. Maybe he was starting to be OK with his fate. (spoiler?)The Grey Worm Missandei stuff is easier to jibe with than random scenes featuring unknown unsullied creeping into P houses for whatever it is they crave. We just got a scene of one of Dany's closest counselors being exiled for betrayal. Unsullied would lose their shit if we got random cutaway scenes with unsullied soldiers going off to meet unknown people in unknown places. This way you're kinda sympathizing with two well liked characters and their affection for each other. They even have Dany put the breaks on it asking about what parts he has....just to get you thinking about the "how/why" of Grey Worm's attraction. I really liked the interaction b/w GW and M. GW being thankful he was cut, b/c if not he ultimately never would have met M had my wife and her homegirls getting misty.
  6. it's a nod to certain beahviors of unsullied and how and why they end up in certain sketchy situations down the road
  7. Anybody else have a splitting headache?

  8. this season is going by too fast.

  9. Whoooooooooooooo let the dogs out?

  10. We are all Unsullied!

  11. Anybody else miss "the other" Daario?

  12. Is it 9pm Sunday yet?

  13. i dunno how feasible it is to "subdue" a living fire cannon on a wooden ship. IF the dragons will can be bent to the horn blower it'll be all good, but if they still yearn for their mother as they did as lil dragonlings in the HOTU they may not be so cool with riding in the belly of a ship for a few weeks/mos. Remember how restless they were in the pits, even when fed regularly. I don't know much of "dragonlore" and little has been able to be confirmed through text, so they whole dragon horn this is full of more questions than answers.
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