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  1. Welcome Krutoon!!! I always wanted to visit Mississippi!!! Maybe I make it one day! This board is awesome! I'm sure you'll like it! Cheers Sylva
  2. Welcome Hylonome and Daemeon I !!!! Have fun here!!!
  3. Welcome Peachie! Have fun on the boards!!!
  4. Welcome Alison! Enjoy the forums!!
  5. Welcome regie027! I am a Dornish girl myself... so good choice! And I am a fierce Targaryen Loyalist! :) Have fun exploring the forums!!! It's a great place. :cheers:
  6. Welcome angelik0! Enjoy the forums! While you are still reading ADwD beware of spoilers!!! There are many international users here, so no worries about your English skills... you will adapt well! :cheers:
  7. Hello JJ :) Welcome the forums!!!!
  8. Hi Charlie! Welcome :) I'll check out your vids sometime!
  9. Hi Rhaenys, don't like what you have to say about the Ironborn, but welcome anyways <_< :D Hi Ragnar, Welcome to the boards! Sambo is Russian martial arts, right??
  10. Tolkien made my day :D

  11. Welcome!!! How does the Sea Cow headed woman survive on land? Edit: Same goes for the Catfish...
  12. Welcome Mleh!!! Read the books!!!
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