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  1. 7. -I thought it was a slow episode, and more than once, Tyrion got on my nerves. -Love how strong and confident both Jon and Sansa are. -I'm fully convinced Lena Headey is going to knock it out of the park this season. Her acting was wonderful. -Speaking of Cersei, the actress who played young Cersei was phenomenal. Her looks and mannerisms were on point! -Didn't like the Maggy the Frog sequence. Like a lot of other important sequences, this one felt rushed, underdeveloped, and failed to convey the full impact of the moment. All in all, a good premiere. I wouldn't rank it as one of the best, however.
  2. That's how I took it as well. That she was rolling her ass off because it's "just her luck" to have another family member die on her before she could get to them. Pretty good scene in my opinion.
  3. Serious question (of the purely speculative sort): How MUCH changes if they have Sansa throw Lysa out of the Moon Door herself? I mean, I know A LOT would change if they did that, but would it necessarily be "all" bad? I'm 99% sure they WON'T have Sansa kill Lysa herself, but with the lack of Marillion, the thought has crossed my mind more than once in the past week. Would that destroy Sansa's character completely, or would it simply usher in not only the "partnership" aspect of Petyr and Sansa's relationship (i.e. I cover your murders, you cover mine), but also the 'hardening' of Sansa herself? This is a purely "what-if" question, but I've wanted to ask someone for a while now (figured I'd ask you since you brought up Marillion). Anyways, I think with the lack of Marillion, they're simply going to have Sansa and Petyr conspire to say that she was drunk and fell out of the Moon Door by herself.
  4. I knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! I hope they have Arya and Bran and the snowball thing. Voice-overs, Flashbacks, whatever.
  5. SNOW CASTLEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  6. Agreed. I'm confused. Keep thinking its an 'oversight', but yeah...no..that's impossible. And then I thought she would change it after she changed her identity, but no...still there. Then, I asked a friend of mine what they thought about her wearing the ring and the answer was as simple as it gets: "Because she's still married to Tyrion." Made me think that perhaps she'll think Tyrion dead and take it off then. *Shrugs* At this point, its the only theory I can think of.
  7. FML. I'm so disappointed I feel like I should be drinking right now. :dunce: You don't think that takes away the element of, "Oh shit!?!?" that would have come? I think, with the way its been presented, the Snow Castle/Only Cat scene will now become an eventuality rather than a shock.
  8. Thoroughly disappointed that they revealed the Jon Arryn thing in THIS episode. THOROUGHLY! When I read that part in the book, it seriously made my jaw drop. In my mind, it was a massive part of the whole Snow Castle sequence, that, quite frankly, made it EPIC to me. That they would reveal it now--along with putting so much emphasis on the Moon Door and Lysa's jealousy--really just...crushes me. I feel that when Snow Castle does happen, it won't have nearly the same impact. I'm so very disappointed.
  9. Side note: If Olenna put the poison in after she took it off of Sansa, wouldn't it have been wasted when he poured the wine on Tyrion's head?
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