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  1. MoseStark*

    How have you started reading the aSoIaF books?

    Lots of people where talking about the TV series and this year I had a math teacher who was pushing me and another girl (we have the most easiest form of math in the Netherlands, so we're in a class with 3 people) to watch the series because he thought we'd enjoy it. Well we began watching and we really did, so all our classes we talked about the series. Also I have a really small history class (9 people) in which 5 people were watching or reading the series. So we talked about it very much in class and our teacher became interested and bought the boxset of the books, and because she's is reading it, it's the only thing we talk about in class. How bad is that... I knew there were books before I started the series, but I knew they were big and because of school, I didn't have much time to read. However I began watching the series because of the recommendation of my math teather and my dad who had also watched the series. Two season in the series, I found the story so beautiful, that I asked the boxset for my birthday. I got them at the end of december and currently reading ADWD. So basically I came to read them because of my math teacher, who currently asks me every lesson not to spoil anything (which is quite funny because I can blackmail him... Everytime he takes quite a long time on finishing checking our test I say something like: "If you haven't finished it tomorrow, I will tell you a huge spoiler from season 4.")
  2. Well, Jaime of course. Because we get to see what's inside his head, we get to know how he feels about everything that has happened and why he actually did the actual kingslaying. I can forgive him killing Aerys, because the Mad King sounds like a really mad guy to me and sometimes I forget he shoved Bran out of a window, I just can forgive that. Even though, because he did that he made Bran to the person he is now. And I think Jaime regrets it somewhere and his "good" actions can be a thing do make up for all the bad things he has done. And Sansa became interesting, finally! After the first two books I became really annoyed seeing her name at the beginnen of a chapter. But now I think she's is very interesting. Of course that has to do with her being alongside Littlefinger, and that last chapter, but I like her a lot more, with the experiences she's been through. They're horrible, but made her who she is now, a more realistic person than the girl in aGoT where she was just all about songs and stuff. For the rest, I liked Sam, however that changed a bit in AFfC. Jon became more likeable not talking about his being a bastard all the time and seeing the wildlings. And we got to see him as a badass guy. Tyrion and Arya stayed awesome! As for the new characters, I like Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand so much.