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    Full confirmed Season 8 cast (so far)

    Strickland better still Euron's glamour on Cersei. Both actors seems to incorporate the villain theme.
  2. GatadosCanais

    Paying Attention? Baelish, Cersei and the "Tapestries"

    is such a shame we don't get illustrations from this tapestry in the 'a game of thrones illustration edition'.
  3. GatadosCanais

    Season 8 previews

    where's everyone from this topic? man, I hope this season run away from the book ending and invent its own epic and glorious ending. I want the books to be just the books, and the series to be D & D. totally different endings. so, for the TV show, i'm expecting all Lannisters to be gone.
  4. GatadosCanais

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    I was just rewatching that scene, asking the same question. So many other ways he could got rid of Arya, or play with the fact that she was in Harrenhal with him in the past, serving the Lannisters, killing northmen, running away from her family who was always looking for her all those years, etc.
  5. GatadosCanais

    A wight Daenerys...

    GRRM said that Beric and Lady Stonheart are kind of "wights of fire". They're undead as well. So I'm guessing there are all different kinds of wights and undead people with specific stuff around ow they function. Beric is different from stone heart, who is different from Small Paul, who is going to be different from Jon Snow, etc etc.