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  1. Agreed. They have a dysfunctional, damaging relationship. None of their scenes have been out of character for either party. Also. Pretty sure there's no one way for a rape victim to act afterwards. Especially knowing she has no recourse/it would never be acknowledged as rape by anyone around her (and apparently a fair amount of show-watchers :dunno: ).
  2. The "clink" I thought was her dropping it off with Marg (that theory's out the window now), but I thought the Strangler is rather-fast action, so that's why I ruled out that moment. You're right about the other option, but Olenna is standing at a different table, and would have had to walk a good 10 feet (in front of a guard, no less) to do it. Possible, but not particularly intelligent on her part. I guess the show probably changed the timing for the poison to take effect, but the logistics of it irk me.
  3. I think we'll never know. Rewatching that episode shows that it was ridiculously difficult for Olenna to do it (even though we know it was her now) when the poison had to go in the cup (during the pie-cutting). I think the director said something like, you won't be able to actually see the poisoning take place, but based on framing and reactions, you should be able to figure it out.
  4. Well, based on the promo, I'm putting 50-50 odds on a reunion
  5. In the pilot they had these on Jon Arryn's body in the Sept. I'd assume it's a burial practice for those who worship The Seven, but it's certainly not explicated in the books. In fact I believe Joff is wearing a helm with a closed visor in the books.
  6. We could. I think we may instead get another fight scene closer to the Eyrie, so that we get the added element of Arya missing out on another family reunion.
  7. Ha, what kaanchanoone said. Also I think we may all be a bit exhausted from yesterday's discussion.
  8. I certainly have my own feelings on the matter, but it's definitely a relief that thread was locked. And I think it's okay that we'll be missing out on Grave's directing in the next season. His post-interviewers were...distasteful.
  9. Lol, that always reminds me of this parody video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-ovOjQVNq4 (that scene is at the 1:20 mark). It's possible he was speaking for himself, but it seemed like he was talking from Jon's PoV in the context, so who knows. I'm surprised it's never mentioned, though. Maybe on their way to Craster's Jon will say something about it?
  10. AH! Good catch! I had been assuming Bronn lied about her being gone, but I like this too.
  11. :cheers: I also agree with your additional point that it makes them look weak, especially when so much of the Wall's story has been messed up. They've done a pretty poor job characterizing most of the NW, and an even worse job with Mance and his people. But I think for the sake of this medium, and given how unexpected the mutiny was, it's not completely unreasonable. And it was nice to see them back. I missed Ed's commentary :D
  12. I think so did the showrunners...in the book they just flee back to the wall after the attack. But I guess we needed someone to know and report back what Dirk and Rast were up to? It's a messy plot they're telling, and I don't see why CH couldn't have been included, which would have made it a bit more tidy.
  13. I'm assuming no Val. Seems a bit late in the game for her to be introduced, and I'm not sure she really serves much function anyway, especially if Baby Mance is cut.
  14. Well Tyrion even posited it...my guess is he might have maybe suspected something was being plotted, but didn't bother to do anything at most. I don't see him taking an active role in it.
  15. I thought he threw it off, on top of Dontos's body
  16. Oh also we pretty much got confirmation it was the QoT who did the actual poisoning, yeah? Even though the framing made no sense for it
  17. I approve this message 100% Also Shireen is my new favorite show character.
  18. If he is or isn't, I think the show just decided it isn't impactful or influential in enough in the story to devote screen time to it. I usually trust their decisions, but it's a shame, because I rather like CH
  19. I'm not pleased with the Jaime rape scene. Otherwise pretty solid. I'm digging the new Tommen oddly. Also this is confirmation of no Coldhands? Looks like the NW is going to take care of Dirk instead.
  20. Maybe, but that coupled with the interview previously posted here where Natalie says that Marg is "genuinely surprised" when Joff starts to show signs of discomfort make me think it was the QoT behind her back.
  21. I 100% agree if we go on the show alone. But this interview with Natalie Dormer that came out yesterday (mild season 4 spoilers) convinced me that it's supposed to be the QoT who did the deed, even if the framing makes that seem unlikely: http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/04/18/game-of-thrones-natalie-dormer-margaery/
  22. Marg clearly puts it on her table at the far end, a good 10 feet from Olenna. The shot of Olenna looking at it is sneaky perspective. Logically, Marg would have been the one to do it, because she was the only one touching the cup in between the wine being dumped on Tyrion's head and Joff drinking again (other than Tyrion, who we know is innocent). There was also a guard right there. However, I'm thinking there might have been a continuity error, and they'll have Olenna being the one doing it, based purely on the interviews we've seen. It doesn't make a huge difference: a Tyrell woman did this. But it is frustrating that after several rewatches there's nothing conclusive.
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