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  1. Chebyshov

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    It was a bizarre tonal call on an already tone-deaf show.
  2. Hahahahhahahh. It's entirely off the rails and delivers the exact opposite meaning of the books at every turn, but sure, they're duty-bound. To the OP's point, I think it's quite a inaccurate to paint this series as one that's "meant to deceive." Martin will turn conventional storytelling tropes on their head, and takes a certain delight in that (Quentyn serving as an inversion of the hero's monomyth is a nice microcosm of that), but he really doesn't actively deceive. In fact, the "shocks" are so obvious and born of the narrative that on reread, you smack yourself for not seeing the writing on the wall (the Red Wedding's heavy foreshadowing may be the most accessible example to that point). Each time I reread ASOIAF, I find R+L=J more convincing. It's quite easy to "disprove" or poke holes in the "evidence," but it's important to remember that this isn't a CSI episode either. It's a constructive narrative with thematic meanings. The biggest complaint levied against the theory I've seen is that it's too "obvious", right? But you have to consider what it does and what point it serves in the story. In the case of this theory...it's the entire scaffolding that makes Ned's arc work. You take it away, then suddenly his struggles with internal and external honor and his specific hangups fail to make sense. Add to that what we know of Ned's nature, and you kind of wonder, "what would any of these other options actually do for the story, on a thematic level?" Not much, honestly. There's hand-waving "people aren't what they seem!" that I see tossed out, but that's not particularly meaningful, and it definitely doesn't make stuff like when Ned links Sansa begging for Lady's life to his sister make a modicum of sense. The thing is, people treat R+L=J as this super-guarded mystery reveal, and it's just...not. It's a texture to Ned's story. And it is something that could have plot-consequences later given the stations of R+L and what that might mean for Jon's position within this society, sure. But it's not this twist-to-end-all-twists.
  3. Chebyshov

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Aw, thank you! (Stay tuned for tomorrow...I sorta recorded something I'm excited about). You're probably right about the death, but I think it's funny they gave that dog line to pretend there was poetic justice. I think what I meant is that they're good at feigning significance with stuff like that. You can certainly see so in the Outside the Episode interviews. I still can't believe "the North remembers" was made into a joke like that. Manderly just being some random old dude hanging his head like, "dangit!" And no, Sansa didn't matter at all, lol. Of course she didn't! She was just dumped into a corner until they were ready for her to slaayyyyyy. I think Littlefinger was tired after magically taking Moat Cailin? His plan never had a chance of making sense the moment he gave Sansa to the Boltons while saying that he thought Stannis would win. Even if Ramsay is the most loving, best, husband there's no way he'd prosper from this deal, and certainly not succeed to the aims of that "vision" of his where he's on the Iron Throne married to Sansa (wut). It's just all noise to fill in the space between the smashy smashy.
  4. Chebyshov

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Looks like I picked a good day to come back. Could have co-written this whole thing. Have co-written very similar things (incidentally, Part 1 of the Winterhell retrospective dropped today). The "lack of dramatic tension" is probably the main point for me. Things happen because the writers decide they happen, but it does so without reference to character arcs and journeys. So like, we're jammed into this EPIC BATTLE of Ramsay vs. Jon, for instance, but the rationale for the battle happening when it does was "we fight with the army we have." Aside from marketing and one letter, Jon and Ramsay don't mean a whole lot to each other. And then the 11th hour save was heavily forecasted, yet withheld in-verse for absolutely no logical reason. In the end, it's clear that this was done just because they wanted to paint this as an "against all odds" battle, but what it did was undercut the entire point they tried to make, namely how Boltons don't inspire loyalty (that's why Ramsay was fed to his own dogs, right?) And when you see that pieces move just because the authors think it'd be cool to move them that way, and the meaning itself is well...non-existent, the whole fabric falls down. Why did Lancel go chase the kid under the sept? Because they wanted him to. Because they think it'll be cool TV, really. But it just becomes this weird Potemkin Village-esque thing. It looks like a quality drama, but it's lacking everything essential to making it so. In this case, the characters.
  5. Chebyshov

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Exactly. We could have had Lady Blackmont, instead of this doofus back in Season 4. What's disturbing for that choice in particular is that they either had a conversation where they decided to change her gender as a conscious alternation to ASOS, or they just assumed everyone Oberyn brought to King's Landing was a Lord. Neither look is too flattering. But hey, it's in extraneous material, so mission accomplished.
  6. Chebyshov

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    This smells of their usual planning. They introduced greyscale because...it was a plot point to tick off? They thought they might do something with it? Then it bored them or didn't make as much creative sense as anything else, so they need a quick way to dismiss it. Like, who else is affected by this at all? It's miserable storytelling, but it's nothing new for them.
  7. Honestly, I hate to be a poodle, but I just don't think the show is worthy of any form of Watsonian analysis. They thought this time paradox was a cool twist, but it's filled with so much illogic, just like every other Shock™ they write. Did Bran have to be touching a branch to be greenseeing or not? Isn't that a bit of a crucial detail? Overall, I really don't think this is gonna shed any insight into his book trajectory, especially when Martin himself said the context was going to be different, and I definitely don't think Bran's book arc had much impact in their crafting of this narrative, just like with every other character on this show. Creatively it made sense because they wanted it to happen. Trying to rationalize it beyond that is going to lead to a headache, trust me. But, given the timey-wimey enthusiasm, this is from a comment on the Fandom Following recap, for what it's worth:
  8. Chebyshov

    Board Issues 4

    Sorry, just saw this. Clearing cache worked great, thanks!
  9. Chebyshov

    Board Issues 4

    A bit of an oddity (I'm in chrome); the gear wheel button is the hyperlink option. The "center text" button is "quote." The smiley face is "code," the hyperlink brings up the emoticon list, the "left alight" functions as spoiler. The bullets, numbering, and indent buttons are functioning fine. But then left align is a flag facing right, center align is a flag facing left, and right align is yet another hyperlink button. Sorry if this has been mentioned already. I took a screenshot of me hovering over the smiley face to show you:
  10. Chebyshov

    Board Issues 4

    Probably been reported already, but tapatalk notifications aren't working.
  11. You told me to be sanguine about those Dornish things

  12. Chebyshov

    Board Issues 4

    Yikes...still, here's hoping that goes well. Thank you for all the hard work!
  13. Chebyshov

    Board Issues 4

    Is there any news on restoring the lost content? Basically every single conversation/reread/essay before July is just completely destroyed. (That is, it just cuts off at the first quote or spoiler code).
  14. I mean even Cream of Wheat has lumps.

  15. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in need of a bad pussy