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  1. Right...that's why I said they should have mentioned something this season or last.
  2. Yay you're back!! Awesome evil-gloating special, as usual. Keep an eye on the general GoT forum too, or maybe we will get another one here :)
  3. See, that would have been the perfect opportunity. Also, I would have liked Cersei and/or Margaery spending a little less time catfighting and more time maybe grooming Tommen for rule and advising him (along with his small council). That would have been another really great time, a la Cersei with Joffrey in season 1 (the everyone who is not us is our enemy talk). Well I made a thread, so we shall see if they approve it :dunno: Keep an eye out! We can request them to close it/open a new one when it gets too long or ask them how long they prefer the threads to be.
  4. Same :) Well guys, I made one so keep an eye out over there for it to hopefully pop up :) Yup, exactly. It doesn't cost anything extra and it doesn't take up much time to have one or two small conversations to fill us in. Yeah even one or two throwaway lines that reference them would be better than what we got :dunno: out of sight out of mind is definitely one of the main mottos.
  5. Sorry, that's what I meant, thanks for the clarification :) It should read: we should hear it mentioned he is no longer fighting against the IT or that he is dead.
  6. So what I don't get about the whole Balon issue is...since he is alive, don't you think we would hear more about him and his attempts to claim the throne still? It's like, he's alive but also doesn't really care anymore after mid-Season 4 about fighting for the throne? Couldn't we have gotten something to say he doesn't care and has given up in the show or even better that he has died (preferably hearing this news last season around the stupid Asha rescue mission)? So Balon won the War of the 5 Kings (yay) but he doesn't give a shit that he won? He just stopped giving a shit about the Iron Throne? Couldn't we have gotten something about this, even just a mention?
  7. I know, I agree :( They are very cathartic for me and I get seriously sad when they shut down. They usually only last for a day or two :( I really wish they would just leave us to our own devices in there unless it gets really crazy and full of trolls, because I think we members do a good job of policing it. We're quick to shut down off topic discussions (or at least, it goes right back on topic soon enough) and trolls. Even if we're not directly talking about the episode, we are enjoying the company of other like-minded individuals while discussing the show as a whole and the show in regards to the books in a respectful manner. There's literally no other place on the internet or in real life where I can do that. And I wish the last three seasons (especially this episode) didn't happen either!
  8. Yup, I edited my post shortly after posting it :) It was funny! I'm just dense. To keep it on topic though: the only scene I liked was the walk of shame. Lena did very well. I just think it went on a little too long and they prioritized full frontal nudity too much to where the bobble head effect was really noticeable.
  9. Usually it's due to going off topic or trolls. In this case, I think it was probably going too off topic (the Stannis/Renly book debate happened for far too long, for example). I just hate that the last post is my analogy about cheese to refer to Mel's horse situation :lol:
  10. It would have taken literally one minute of a mention while Cersei is with the High Sparrow, but they just left that dangling for no reason. It's ridiculous. And yes, she admitted to sex while she was married to the king, even though they didn't show her relationship with Lancel until after Robert was dead (?). I don't get it :dunno:
  11. Exactly why it's incredibly stupid - and that's even with ignoring how butchered Dany's character is.
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