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  1. Ice_and_Fire

    Official Testing Thread

    [spoiler]Why isn't this working![/spoiler] [spoiler=]Why isn't this working![/spoiler] I give up :-(
  2. Ice_and_Fire

    Official Testing Thread

  3. I also think it's likely we will see Dany's storyline finish with her chaining her 'children' up, fits in well with the episode title. I'm still hoping we will see Arya sail away at the end of the season, otherwise they are massively slowing her story arc down, while with Sansa they have now finished pretty much everything we have in the books :-/
  4. Ice_and_Fire

    How would you rate episode 405?

    I know those couples exist in the books, they just go so obvious with that take on the relationship. It is so on the nose with his many mishaps with the riding of the horse, cooking the rabbit. To me it just sticks out massively as them feeling the need to put some comic relief in, so they go OTT with it.
  5. Ice_and_Fire

    How would you rate episode 405?

    It gets a 4 from me. Such a disappointing episode. The only parts I liked where the Eyrie scenes, which were brilliant! And Jojen's vision is interesting as well. The rest was just poor filler, dead end story lines, unnecessary comedy, why do they feel the need to put in an 'odd couple' sort of relationship, it has gone from being Arya and the Hound to Brienne and Pod. Urghhhhhhh!