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  1. If you take an oath, you must stick to it until the end, it does not matter whether your master was a lawful king or queen
  2. The book gave a very well explanation, the twin brothers took an oath to different masters, and this is a perfect reason why the brothers, despite love each other, fought each other to death, because this was their only choice. In the book, "Fairware my brother" was such a moving scene when the brothers met for last time, knowing next time if they met would be at battlefield
  3. No, King's knights were the first to take the oath, and that made Erryk a traitor and an oathbreaker
  4. No in the book Ser Erryk was happened at Dragonstone and Ser Arryk was happened to at King's landing when the war started, they both swear an oath, one to the black , one to the green, and they stick to their oath to the very end. Hundreds years later, people still sing songs about them. now the TV show made Ser Erryk a turncoat, this is very much wrong
  5. Now why the TV show makes Ser Erryk Cargyll an oathbreaker? when the greens crowned Aegon II, they must have made King's knights to swear an oath of fealty, and Ser Erryk Cargyll must have taken it, then why would he steal the crown and fled to Dragonstone ? In the original novel Ser Erryk Cargyll and his brothers were Knights honorable to their bone, he should never do such a dreadful things to dishonor to himself
  6. Yes, in the novel, Daemon is lot of thing, but he was never a cheat
  7. Yes, I know, the cause of the holy diversity
  8. To be faire REnly and Loras were gay lovers in the book, but they were no fools like HBO portrait them
  9. Yes, whether you like it or not, this was a fact
  10. Yes, no one would attack your opponent's horse in a tourney in public.
  11. The first episode, it is already so different from the original novel, Mind you in the book, the Queen Aemma was NEVER be cut open in her child birth, and as I said King Viserys NEVER change his decision that Rhaenyra would be his heir, he did not change his mind even after he had his own son. The BS about the Lords would not accept a woman be their heir is just another attempt by HBO to bring modern feminism into the story. I guess it would be another of those as strong woman so mistreated by the male dominated society BS Looks like in nowadays, we could not enjoy a good story without these modern day political correctness.
  12. Tell me how could the sea snake be a black man ? is house of Velaryon an ancient house of valyria ?
  13. Finnaly, as I said, I am a fair man, only place my vode when the episode is done, and my vote is 1, acutally I want to vote -10, but not an option here
  14. officially -1 if I could after that Frey scene
  15. so far 0 if it exists, not even deseve 1
  16. Based on what I saw so far, it is a solid 1 already, but I am a fair man, will wait until the end of episode,although looks unlike, but still remain a possibility that I will change my mind
  17. now you hurt my feeling my Lord, I gave plenty of 10 to the episodes of the first three seasons
  18. You wrong me my Lord, I gave the score after I watch the episode
  19. This episode is so obviously special made for fan boys/fan girls, on the whole concept, it makes no sense at all, though I would admit, this is the first episode very close to receive a 2 from me
  20. ah, I forget to add the Hound into my list
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