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    How would you rate episode 410?

    not necessarily, it could simply move the timeline on that... with 3 more hbo seasons and 3 (or 4) more books, they may be simply getting to where they need to go a little earlier than the books... they already know things we don't
  2. basilisk312

    How would you rate episode 410?

    yeah, kinda sorta new...i've read and love grrm's books as much as the next person, but i also know that adaptations *never* live up to the book (lonesome dove and shogun come to mind)... i wasn't crazy about LS in the books so wouldn't be terribly disappointed if she failed to make an appearance
  3. basilisk312

    How would you rate episode 410?

    i thought it was very well done, a 9 for me... i honestly don't get why or how people can rate something low because one thing they wanted/expected did not happen... the season as a whole was just meh for me, maybe a 6 or 7, but that's based more on how many minutes they "left on the cutting room floor" over 10 episodes
  4. i agree, i don't understand all the hatred out there... there was no way stannis could have made it into this episode, unless you just wanted to see him riding... jon has to meet with mance first... some of the reactions i've seen seem a tad on the childish side
  5. i admit i'll be a tad pissed if stannis next week is perfunctory, but i can't be too mad about him not being on tonite... there really wasn't enough time to do it justice... daylight just broke, after all
  6. ^^ agree completely... the acting and directing were wonderful, easily worth a 10... i read so much negativity about diverging from the books that it's almost shocking to read the same type thing (maybe even by the same people, i didn't research that) about stannis not showing up, even when he isn't supposed to (yet - for book lovers)
  7. i can't go higher than a 7... the good parts, sansa and overconfident oberyn, were very good, but (as others have stated) i see nothing good from the grey worm arc nor from the failure to mention the reason for the viper's name (or the lack of mention of poison on the spear)
  8. basilisk312

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    sure it does, to some extent... they've spent 4 years with LF referring to her as "Cat" ... if unsullied can't tell who he meant had he used that line, they're stupid i'm constantly amazed at the criticisms i read of nudity/sex and i rarely see anything written about violence/bloodshed... both violence and sex were a big part of this world, just accept it
  9. but it was always tyrion, unless you're saying you were *worried* that d&d would make it tywin
  10. that's coming, i think there's some drama between jaime and tyrion to be milked from that first
  11. tywin is afraid that jaimie will be chosen by tyrion (and will accept) and that that's the end of the lannister line
  12. i thought he was still in the boat... surely that would have drifted to shore
  13. solid 10 for me... dinkage deserves some sort of special emmy for his performance, that was as good as i've ever seen