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  1. I think they made the episode end that way for us book readers. We were ALL expecting the inevitable drums with "Stannis" chants but were left wanting so much more. They clearly will set it up for the first scene next episode. I enjoyed the action, people needed this and I think the whole point was to set up Jon huge character development of a leader and the way he controlled it all. The fighting he was in was beautiful. Although Thornes part was fan freaking tastic. :fencing: I enjoyed it, thought they could have cut the beginning BS and fit in Stannis or at least cliffhanger it as him entering form the distance. Not the greatest ever but it was awesome battle scenes, especially once Jon steps down from the top of the wall. The music was 10/10. And did anybody notice that Giants arrow that went straight through that one guy?!? Favorite part
  2. Someone give Peter Dinklage an oscar cause that was spot on. And the scene wish Asha was predictable because having her rescue him would have gone too far from the books.
  3. It bothers me that a simple detail like Joffrey "clawing at his throat" couldnt be added in the final scene.