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  1. They probably won't until after this season, I think they are currently doing scouting locations right now, I would think for Dorne, Tyrions adventures, other spots in the North like Deepwood Motte, etc. I'm also 100% sure at least one of the uncles will be cast. Tyrion references one to Theon in season one. He just says "your uncle" though, talking about the 1st Greyjoy rebellion to him.
  2. Holy wah! Drogon burned like the whole flock.. Who cares if he only brought the bones of one of them in, 80% of that's guys flock are all probably dead. I didn't think it was that hard to understand that. It doesn't matter that Drogon only took one goat, the rest were burned. Also since this is the first person to bring bones of livestock in I don't see why this guys would lie, he seemed scared shitless. I do agree that people will probably start brining in bones of whatever they can find though.
  3. http://insidetv.ew.com/2014/05/11/game-of-thrones-tyrion-trial-interview/ Good interview with Cogman about the past few episodes and Tyrions trial. Address your 'Rains' complaints and others. Love the little insight into how they write the episodes.
  4. I think Tyrion demanded trial by combat knowing Oberyn would defend him. In the show he knows Oberyns hated for the Lannisters (mainly Tywin) and helping Tyrion get free would not only piss off Tywin but also Cersei. And maybe Tyrion knows Cersei will choose The Mountain (bc he is "unbeatable"). Plus in the trailer for EP. 7 he says something that makes me think he knew how things would play out. Just a theory for the show.
  5. Pretty sure Drogon burned the whole flock, if not like 80% of it.
  6. Will True Detective be in the same category as Game of Thrones? I always thought American Horror Story was in a different category then a regular TV series. TD and AHS are borth anthologies... If not though Dinklage is gonna have a tough time beating out McCanaughey even with that performance.. 2nd, Ramsey likes to play games, why not let the hounds go and chase after them? I understand where you're coming from though. I give it a 9.5. Best episode of the season so far. EDIT: looked up Emmy's from last year, pretty positive True Detective will be put in the mini-series category. That hopefully equals a Emmy for Mr. Dinklage
  7. Jeez the hate for the Iron Born running away from "two dogs" if pretty harsh. If I'm correct there were 3 Iron Born when Ramsey unlocked the cages with "two dogs" (I'm sure he has more although we have only seen two, i'll give you that). Yes they could have tried and probably succeed in killing this dogs (which wouldn't have been a very quick and easy task) but then you have Ramsey and his men on you at the same time, they do this they are definitely dead. Running away = a very smart decision. I just don't see where the hate is coming from in that decision, it's called being smart. I'll say this, I haven't complained about one deviation from the book yet because I understand this is an adaption of the book and they can't keep everything exactly how it is so I love the show. However I do think this deviation was kind of bad since it lasted about 5 minutes but it did give us some future plot points. (Yara "thinking" Theon is dead and Theon going into Moat Cailin) It just seemed rushed and there could have been more of a battle that in-sued between the two sides. I find it hard to believe in a castle full of Bolton's that only 7 or 8 managed to take actin. Alfie Allens action was top notch though, loved him.
  8. Don't know if he believes in it, just saying that because he thinks it's will have more impact on Oberyn accepting his proposal. Also thought that scene was sweet since Oberyn should know about Doran's plan. Now he will be on the inside and gets the chance to "meet" the Mountain! 2 for 1's!!