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  1. It's like that part of LOTR when Boromir is protecting Merry and Pippin- I kept thinking maybe this time he'll live.
  2. Kikiadiamond

    [Book Spoilers] EP407 Discussion

    Well I learned one thing- never underestimate the importance of gravy. Last cell scene made the show for me.
  3. Kikiadiamond

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    I liked Little Finger this time- his scene with Lysa demonstrated that he is not in control of all things, which makes his "mastermind" skills appear more human. He looked like he had swallowed some of those lemons whole when he got cornered. I agree about Dany, and I usually like her. This episode she seemed really unnatural. I think everything would have been much better if the show was two hours though, lol. Then she wouldn't have had to make her decision to change her entire life's focus (taking the Iron throne) in two minutes. I actually like the added story line for Bran a lot, his plot was one of my least favorite in the book but I'm quite interested in his show storyline.
  4. Kikiadiamond

    [Book Spoilers] EP405 Discussion

    Yes, I agree. The Hound was simply pointing out that skill won't win out against real steel and armour.