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  1. I love those little moments this season when we see someone talking about Dany or dragons and camera gives a close up on Oberyn's face. :D It is great watching it as a book reader and will be great for Unsullied to rewatch a few years from now when they will now what Oberyn knew. :D
  2. Volverin

    How would you rate episode 403?

    I agree that it might be difficult for some people. I read all the books but I can't say Im obssesing over them on daily basis. I love the story but Im not involved in theory making and that stuff. For example I just found out there is a strong theory that Aegon is fake. I was pretty sure he was a real deal when I read it. Or a theory that Jon is a son of Lyanna, lol. :D And about the show - of course I too always get more excited when we see a scene which was in the book. It might be a little my fault that I didnt take this under consideration. People who actually live this story might find it hard to seperate book and a show.
  3. Volverin

    How would you rate episode 403?

    Even then I still don't understand the reactions. People should have realised long time ago the show is NOT the book. Instead of trying to enjoy it as an independent work people compare it to the books on every step of the way and find ways to criticize the show for not making everything like in the books. I read all the books of course and Im just very happy I can watch high class actors act out the main events from those books, no need to analyse every second of every episode. For example only after Ive read on here that LF is creepy and is a bad actor Ive started paying attention to him more and finding problems with his performance where I didnt find them at all before. Thats not right.
  4. Volverin

    How would you rate episode 403?

    So there is no problem at all! GRRM said himself he doesnt know if book Jaimie raped Cersei or not because it was a POV. He left that free to interpret. So the show didnt damage anything, he just showed Jaimie forcing himself on Cersei. Why do you call that damage? This character never meant to be good, he pushed a kid out of the window, killed a king, has babies with his sister. What we saw was character developement in the show, no matter how cruel and disgusting the scene was. Book is the book and show is the show. That is nonsense to give a lower rating to an episode because you didnt like the way they are developing the character. You should rate the way they showed it. I think that scene was very real and authentic, no matter how much innapropriate and wrong so Im giving it a high rating.
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    How would you rate episode 403?

    Im sick of people bitching about the rape scene. What is the big deal? The book is the book and the TV series are the TV series. Jaimie is being shown in dark light again, is that such a problem? I really dont get all the fuss. Overreacting alert.
  6. Volverin

    How would you rate episode 403?

    I give it an 8. Started reading this forum couple of days ago and to be honest Im starting to regret it. Instead of just enjoying the show Im starting to take part in silly conversations about every little thing that happened in the episode. Im losing all the joy of the episode I watched because people in here can criticize every little detail. You're over-analysing stuff instead of just enjoying the series. This isnt the book, its a show thats just based on the book but was never going to be exactly the same. Things are different, characters are presented in a different way and some storylines are different as well. No need to point every little detail.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP403 Discussion

    What about his confession in a bath with Brienne? That surely did some good for his character?