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    How would you rate episode 410?

    Pissed because you read the books but the series didn't turn out the same? Well, then it's hypocrite of you to call this ep garbage based on this. D&D consult GRRM everytime so it was not something that way of the books. Good ep. and not at all pissed :) .
  2. awesome ep, definitely a 10. I have even found yara scene awesome! Strongest episode, especially the trial edit: cried for tyrion :crying: (and I don't easily cry)
  3. weak ep: Brienne and pod stupid. Jojen, wtf? Disappointed in Oberyn, why you do this? He's awesome Already revealing jon arryn...
  4. That's what I keep asking myself (about Craster's Keep).
  5. Oberyn, as always awesome! Sam was boring. Liked Dany and Mereen Battle at Castle Black is coming (but first Craster's keep (wut?)) Twincest next to joffrey - laughed. Loved to see Cersei angry with Tywin....