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    How would you rate episode 410?

    For me this was a 7 or 8. This season has been the weakest so far. Some of the scenes have felt very rushed. A lot of episodes (minus the opening and closing titles) have been 40 odd minutes long. Seriously! I want 60 minutes each week. It's the biggest show on HBO. Why can't you make it longer. If you had this season wouldn't have been the poorest. Take the battle north of the wall in this episode. Stannis arriving and fighting 100,000 wildings - not, more like 2,000 wildings, if even. The battle is over in 5 minutes. Come on you can do better than that. I don't mind missing Lady Stoneheart. I had a feeling that they might just leave that character out. If all she does is walk around hanging people that I'm happy for her to be left out. of the show I'm more pissed that there was NO VAL! Where is my wilding princess! And if she isn't being cast, then how does this play out next season. She is a recurring character in Jon POV's and she is very important in Stannis' plans for integrating the wildings south of the wall.