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    How would you rate episode 406?

    I loved the episode. Gave it a 10. Didn't have a big gripe with the Yara scene like so many people on the forum seem to. Thought the action was excellent and for the first time in the show Theon truly felt like Reek to me. The only thing I felt was lacking was more dialogue from Stannis in the Bravos scene. Seemed like he gave up to early and just expected Davos to do everything!! I guess that's not too far off... Would just like to see him displayed as a stronger leader.
  2. The Blue Hysteria

    Favorite POV Character

    Tyrion and Bran chapters are what got me hooked on the books. In a way, I like them all almost equally now.
  3. The Blue Hysteria

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Better then last week! I agree with a lot of people that the pacing this season has been noticeably better! Cersei making the rounds on the judges was good; I like that she is trying to manipulate them but just getting worked over herself. Margery pissing her off with the "mother" comment, Tywin securing her participation in her marriage to Loras, Oberyn reminding her of Dorne's hold on her daughter. All good stuff and placed well throughout the episode. I just wish we could get some dialogue from Mace Tyrell! Maybe they're saving him for comic relief next episode at the trial. Arya & The Hound stuff was good once again. The Hound's face/reaction when Arya stabbed him and he realized she really tried to gut him was great! He made her rethink her training and what makes the strongest warriors. I hope their split is coming soon though; very eager to see how it plays out in the show and their discourse is just starting to get a bit old. The Vale scenes stole the episode. Beautiful entrance shot at the bloody gate and the character dynamic between Lysa, Petyr and Sansa is super uncomfortable and unnerving. The true reveal of John Arynn's death was fine to me, I'm not sure how they could have done it any better. A very awkward re-introduction to the Vale gave it the right vibe considering where we're heading. Very good adaption from the books. Brienne and Pod stuff was a bit cheese balls but necessary I suppose. I liked their dialogue. Brienne understands Podrick better now and has some respect for him after learning about the Blackwater. If their relationship evolves into more of a badass duo rather then a comic relief one I will be one happy Grumpkin. Like Arya and The Hound minus the one-liners and added mutual respect. Ok..maybe a few one-liners. Weakest part of the episode for me, but that's not saying much. Alright! The Craster's scene! Predictable as it was, I'm glad they did it that way and didn't fuck around with the story that bad. Locke's death was great! Certainly taking away some of the predictability of Bran's escape without contacting Jon. Loved the thought provoking foreshadowing with Jojen and Bran pre raid. Two things that confused me: 1. I forgot the Ghost was locked up!? When did that happen? 2. How did Longclaw not swipe through those knives? Jon was just kicking major ass outside when Bran was spying him. I get that Jon "doesn't fight dirty" like Karl does, but come one, he must have picked up a trick or two with his time with the Wildlings. I dislike that Jon would have died had one of Craster's wives not been their for a good stabbing. I gave it an 8.