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    Advice on Selling First Editions and a Strange MM

    Thank you so much for your time and apologies my reply has come so late; for some reason I didn't receive an alert! @becca69 - I don't believe so, I photographed the two pages which seemed relevant. It's an interesting piece for sure! @Falconer - Thank you for the indication - they are first printings with the full number lines yes. I might list them for the $500 you suggest and see how they do. I assume it would be better to list the set of Bantam books and the MM Clash seperately and just see how the second goes! Thanks for your support and advice!
  2. Hello, Thanks in advance for any help the community can offer me. I am in possession of a set of Bantam 1st editions which, due to personal circumstances, I am considering selling. I wanted some advice to ensure that I have correctly identified them as normal UK Bantam 1st editions and what a reasonable asking price might be? I also picked up a strange copy of A Clash of Kings, published by Meisha Merlin, but Not seemingly a numbered or lettered edition. I am not entirely sure what it is and was hoping a knowledgable forum meber might be able to help me identify it and assess it's potential value? I've attached some images if anyone would be good enough to help, Rob Set of Bantam Firsts : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2ot5j4r4oj31rst/set-of-books.JPG?dl=0 Unknown Book: https://www.dropbox.com/s/woflkcyh2os2yi0/IMG_0334.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/woflkcyh2os2yi0/IMG_0335.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/woflkcyh2os2yi0/IMG_0336.JPG?dl=0
  3. Thanks Subpresser - all received and replied to :) I am still looking for a buyer for the set - I am open to offers from anyone.
  4. Just letting folks know that I have placed my matching numbered set of books (#158) on eBay for auction: http://ebay.eu/1dRvd3T The set includes: 1 - A Clash Of Kings - Meisha Merlin #158 2 - A Game Of Thrones - Subterranean Press #158 3 - A Clash Of Kings - Subterranean Press #158 4 - A Storm Of Swords - Subterranean Press #158 5 - A Feast For Crows - Subterranean Press #158 6 - A Dance With Dragons - Subterranean Press #158 7 - A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms - Subterranean Press #158 I also have my set of 1st editions for sale here : http://ebay.eu/1QvL83P Any offers for the set here would help me avoid the 10% eBay fee so I'd be willing to do a better deal! Thanks everyone, Rob
  5. I'd appreciate some input folks. I am considering selling my matching numbers set of the Subterranean published GRRM titles (number 158) including all of the titles published to date (but not the MM equivalents) and rights to the future books. I also have a set of first edition hardbacks up to feast, and the "silver" first edition game of thrones book, though the jacket is a little "bashed" on this one. What sort of price do you think would be reasonable to get for these titles if I wanted a quick sale? Any input appreciated! Rob
  6. I'm looking for #158 AGoT to be reunited with his brethren! Rob