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  1. You juster layered her.. " woe is me" marred to a brute. I should have been married to Jamie or if not at least to R! My son is sick son of a bitch, how will I control him? My father sends an imp and he takes my power, or tries too, my son doesn't listen to me he takes my power, my father and Jamie come back and take the last visage of power I have, my sex. One by forcing me on a homosexual. The other by being a lamed man who doesn't complete me anymore and rapes me on my sons death altar. So what is a mother to do??? Well first I need to get rid of the imp. I need those judges to give me that imp's head! Oh I'll play nice to be them and stroke them, and mold them into my executioners. Because I know that if the imp is left to defend himself he'll slip out of the noose! Seems to me she isn't so one noted as you stated. But lets face the facts George doesn't give Cersi any love, well maybe a little. He did give her that awesome walk of shame.
  2. Really... You didn't read into her sauve manipulation of her three victims. Mama Lion's was hugging her victims while sharpening her Axe for the ImpS head. Oh how smooth she was with... Margery she played like a fiddle. Touting the queen title for her... All while insuring that no more funny business will happen without her knowing and approving. But Marge I think saw through it while playing nice but spitting out should I call you sister or.... Wait for it..... Mother, or as we like to say, "you old bag!" Lord Tywin, oh Daddy I will follow what you say. Just tell me what you plan to do about the imp. But she got shot down Tywin tells her straight out that he is a judge and can't be persuaded. Oh shit Cersi, you got played.. But wait a min daddy. You disowned Jamie for nothing more than him not following your plans for him and standing up to you. Oh what will you do for me your last and only loyal child? But don't forget daddy about the imp... Cheers! Then she plays that snake like the charmer she is. She comes with guards unlike her father. She confides in him about her pain of losing her son to that of his sister and her child. She goes to state oh how she misses her daughter and wonders if she is alright. Making the dornish seem like vile vipers. Her Innocent daughter caught in their vile sex pits. Oh no she is shot down with the comment that they don't hurt little girls in dorne. But Cersi won't be out played by the snake charmer and bam comes back with, "everywhere in the world they hurt little girls." Has she charmed the snake into her basket? Lordy, lordy this was such a great episode...
  3. I loved the subtle touches with Cersi. Though of course they go and ruin it with Tywin telling her out right that he can't be manipulated by her because he is a judge. Though they did recover with her jab about what punishment he was going to give tyrion. Since he has already disowned Jamie and all he did was refuse his duty to his father and family. It it were me I would have left Tywin for last in the manipulation scenes.
  4. Yes a Saucy minx indeed. And she has the strapping 'hung' Pod to help her out of her Armor at night.
  5. I was thinking the same thing. And boy they did a great job with Cersi manipulating her Dad, Margery, and O (the judges). And I had a fun time watching Pod and Brianne. Then there was Arya and the Hound, with Arya getting another lesson about life&death and a nice little slap for her to remember. So with great things happening for some of my favorite characters... I thought it was an awesome episode. I'm giving it an 8 out of 10. Though I hate that they made Pod so useless... C'mon he is smart enough to know that a rabbit isn't cooked with its fur. Yeah I'm nitpicking about that. Pod should be on next seasons 'Worst Cook in Westros'.
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