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  1. Rated it a 9. Enjoyed it. I've felt an extra buzz throughout the entire season this year which I didn't feel as much with past seasons. I think that's mainly because there's so many vital moments in ASoS2/Season 4 as opposed to the usual big event in episode 9. Did feel like I was watching an episode of Doctor Who during Bran's scene with the children of the forest though.
  2. I don't know if this is the right place to say this, and please, if it's not, feel free to delete my comment or point me to another thread, but who cares if Littlefinger said "your sister" instead of "only Cat"? If you've been paying attention, you know that Cat was Lysa's sister... So does it really matter?
  3. Voted a 7. Pretty decent episode, excited for the next one. Not going to be on for 2 weeks though, right? Thought it was pretty exciting, liked the scene between Petyr and Lysa, though it all happened a bit quick. Same with the scene between Tyrion and Oberyn.
  4. I loved this episode. Much more exciting than the last two, in my opinion. The fight scene between Jon and Karl was fun, loved the sword through the head, and the reunite with Ghost. As someone who's only just finished reading the books I feel a bit lost especially with all the changes they've made (Vargo/Locke, who I was actually kind of gutted for when he died, I was starting to like him, even if he was a bad guy). I gave it a 10 because it's the only one that's got me pumped up other than episode 2.
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