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    How would you rate episode 410?

    I honestly don't remember that well the other three finales, but this one was bad as fuck.
  2. gandalf.ohwaitwrongseries

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Aarrrrgh... No... Just no.. I gave it a 2. Minus 1 point for the following: 1) Stannis: no STANNIS! chant, and the whole scene focuses on Jon. 2) Jaime x Cersei: so apparently they love each again? 3) Cersei telling Tywin the truth: of course it won't matter as Tywin is dead, but still... WTF?? Book!Cersei is not stupid, and that was stupid as fuck. 4) The Hound: way too white-washed. 5) Jaime x Tyrion: scene was super rushed, and they leave as best buddies ever. 6) Tyrion whitewashing. WTF? Shae's murder was almost self defense!! Where's our beloved Dark Tyrion?! Apparently the show decided people would stop watching if they portrayed morally ambiguous (as in, interesting) characters. Well, now I'm stopping watching (Nah, actually, I'm not, cause I'm weak, but I should). 7) No Tysha scene. 8) No LS.
  3. gandalf.ohwaitwrongseries

    How would you rate episode 409?

    VERY disappointing. A 6, because I'm trying hard not to be a book purist, and judge the show for the show. Otherwise it'd be closer to 1 or 2. But even then, this episodes is short, underwhelming... just feels empty. D&D really screwed up big time this season. The whole Wall plotline is an utter mess. So much screentime wasted on non interesting fillers (Craster's, the first 20 min of this episodes, ...), that now they're force to postpone Stannis arrival to the final episode (which bothers me, not because I'm a Stannis fan (which I'm not, I don't even like the guy), but because next episode is clearly going to be very overwhelming, while this one wasn't enough.)
  4. gandalf.ohwaitwrongseries

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    The show doesn't have to follow the book to the letter you know. Otherwise we can just go read the books again. Missandei x GW might be an interesting thing to see and give more insight about Unsullied / Ghiscari stuff. If we want to criticize the things D&D added out of their pocket, I'd rather go for the awful mess they did at the Wall this season. Or for the whole Yara saving Theon plotline.
  5. gandalf.ohwaitwrongseries

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Did someone else notice the foreshadowing of Tywin's death when Littlefinger is talking to Robin? "People die all the time etc. ,..., even on their chamber pots"!! I guess they are going to keep Tywin's death scene the same as in the books...
  6. gandalf.ohwaitwrongseries

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Not sure what your "nonsense" refers to, but if it's about the LF being behind everything big reveal, it should really have been left for way later in the season (ideally ep.10) : in the books it marks a milestone in plot advancement (arguably the biggest reveal at that point), here it will just be overlooked and probably forgotten by most Unsullied. Plus, this means Only Cat in ep.7, and I happen to very much like that scene, was hoping they would keep it for ep.10.
  7. gandalf.ohwaitwrongseries

    How would you rate episode 405?

    Eaxctly my reaction. This alone makes this episodes extremely disappointing. It now makes little doubt Only Cat will be in ep.7