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    How would you rate episode 410?

    A solid 7. Pacing issues aside, there was very good material to adapt and a good performance from most actors. It's just the plot-holes were hurting every single scene(except final Arya scene). Not really disappointed about the LSH issue.
  2. So what you're saying is that viewers should lower their expectations to cautious levels?
  3. The thing is that argument for Theon also aplies to Stannis. There enough time to explore Theon mental breakdown, but the ideological debates happening in DG? I don't want to come of as some sort of Stannis fanatic, but it really jarring how his and Jon storylines have been handled, and i don't think it's a question of time so much as a question of quality writing.
  4. A 7 for me. Good acting overall, great technical skill in the direction and photography, good CGI. But the writing really hurts the ranking. Over-extended cheesy scenes(sex by Jon, love by Aemon, Gilly shuttle), predictable deaths, missing third act and some over the top stretches of disbelief(anvil head, ghost locked, strangle Mance, no plan vs Tormund group).
  5. What about Bran and Theon? They are also very solitary figures(in relation to everybody else). Stannis had 2 scenes this season, with the finale it will be 3 scenes. Why would any show viewer care about a storyline that barely appears and is clearly sub-par when it does? Think about the mission to Caster's keep, Mel's bath, Locke's & Ramsay scene. Do you think that was the best use of allocatted time?
  6. Separating the third act while the other two go together is bad plotting IMHO. Either they are presented separate from each other or all together. Also most of the audience is casual and sees episode at a time. The story flow momentum is broken by the pause. I could bet good money that Tyrion scenes will outshine anything else in episode 10.
  7. What would anyone think of The Two Towers if it ended when Aragorn and Theoden being inside the last keep defending the door? It seems like the third act of the Wall story is been postponed for a week. With Tyrion's escape/murders, Daenerys locking down the dragons, Sandor's ''death'' and Arya's departure and Bran getting to the three eyed raven, the victory at the Wall will be overshadowed i think. And it didn't had to be at all. Just like season 2 was terrible for Daenerys story, i feel the same is true for Jon's and Stannis stories this season.