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    Greetings! I've been lurking here on/off since 2007. I first read asoiaf back 2001 at the recommendation of a college friend. Since then I have reread the current books every couple of years, sometimes in series order, sometimes by each PoV. After finishing SoS that year I went on to buy/read almost all of Martin's other works (sans Wildcards). I've read a ton of sci-fi/fantasy series, but for me nothing compares to asoiaf. A bit about myself: I'm a Japanese Language and Literature major, my love is Heian period literature. I love motorcycles & old hot rods and help my husband refinish both. I co-founded an anime con in KC back in 2005 as well as worked a few others in the midwest. I love to refinish old furniture (among other things) and go antiquing all the time. I broke my leg at roller derby last year and thus decided to persue derby ref-dom instead. I've played WoW since early 2007 and used to be a judge for the tcg. I love to garden! I currently work at a veterinary clinic…. it's great, but only temporary (my husband is USN and we tend to move). When I was working cons I used to cosplay a lot, now I just sew them for parties and halloween (I've always wanted to do asoiaf costume). Anyoo, I've enjoyed reading all the opinions and theories since I've been lurking and thought I should probably finally start to post.