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    Aegon TWOW

    So you're telling me Euron is going to Merreen, instana snatch dany's dragon with 100% control, Go all the way back to KL, Kills Aegon b4 Dany shows up
  2. Justin Amey

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    The GC nearly conquered the stormlands and it is winter. All Aegon needs to is Conquer KL and the only that is standing their way is Lannister (which is minimal since most are in the riverlands currently) and the Tyrells. They don't need to bothered with the Vale and upward. They are not coming to KL. All Aegon need is dorne to deal with the Tyrells and KL is his for the Taking.
  3. Justin Amey

    [TWOW SPOILERS] Theon I, part vi

    Stannis is sending (f)Arya to the wall with a host of people. How would Stannis send a fake letter to Jon and Jenye poole and her party not be there?  
  4. Justin Amey

    [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    At that point all, Martell bannermen were either: out of the city, Or dead! A very good thought. there were no martell people there since they were all still in dorne You really Think Aegon would be convined to marry Sansa. I know Aegon know the history of who betray house Targ by JonCon. A marriage between those two will never happen so long as JonCon, Varys, and Dany are still alive. Sure would be! Very good possibility. Stannis does have the iron bank's backing, so it not a stretch to pull off. Of course that would be the case. JonCon is a stormlord loyal to the Targs, the other stormlord are layal to the bartheon. Water and oil 1 Anybody can look like a Targ in a Statue. 2 Because Varys and illyrio are the type of ppl they are, they can tell you 3+3=6 and you wouldn't believe them. that may very well be his goal. 3 A descendent of a Blackfyre would not look like Rhaegar's son, so much that it fool JonCon. 4 A girl eyed, gold hair with white streak+ Illyrio will not= Purple eyed, solid white hair boy that look like Rhaegar's son. 5 He raise the boy for five years, Any body would be very fatherly too 6 Please send me link or something of what you are talking about That marriage can be disolve very quickly. Espectly after he tried to kill her other two Dragons. GRRM hinted that Dany will be in Westero in WOW. 2nd Dany did say to herself if Aegon was alive she would mary him. If Aegon truly is a Targ, he need a marriage for an alliance since he would be family. Dany marrying someone that look like Ned Stark :bang: :dunce: :ack: Allying with some one that tried to kill her :bs: :stillsick: Then he had better kill them all in KL. Because they are in a good position to open the doors to the GC. That would be very ironic, Aegon taking KL the same way Tywin took it by simply walking in LOL!
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