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    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    This basically went from the best series ever plotwise, to Desperate Housewives in fairlyland.
  2. Coeur

    [Spoilers] EP706 Discussion

    Does anyone noticed that the only reason it was Thoros that died, instead of any other person, was that if someone else died, he could revive him? They just wanted him out of the picture, so they figured out some lame ass zombie bear. I cannot believe how this series became a completely unwatchable crap. It is written by idiots, about idiots, for idiots. I am out.
  3. The cousing killing beetles is the GRRM himself, and the characters are the beetles. I don't know, if it was screenwriters joke, maybe we will know someday.
  4. This duel... perfectly executed, but only to the point where the tables turned. 1. The tripping of Oberyn - it's extremely hard if not impossible, to trip a standing man by tapping him in a boot with a hand. After adding our hero's Jedi level KungFu skills it is really unbelievable how easily he lost balance. This, and the way how easily Oberyn got caught on the ground, without trying to roll away, rise, or anything. 2. Dr. Clegane Dental Service - beating out full keyboard from a mans mouth, with a single blow without a swing, lying flat on the back? Seriously... 3. Crushing skull with bare hands - ok, licentia poetica. It was worth it, as many of us will never forget the look and the sound of it. Most brutal scene i've seen in years. Whole 4 seasons of Spartacus didn't moved me as much as this scene did. 4. Why werent Oberyn smart enough to cripple Mountain before starting his little chat? Blind him, cut his tendons, cut off his damn arms? 5. How many more movie scenes like this will i have to watch, where a character certain of victory starts to talk a bit much, to let the opponent recover and kill him?