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    PhD research: Doran Martell and you

    1) In my mind he looks older than he is. He looks sickly, especially his hands and legs. He tries to cover his gout with numerous ways (large clothing, blankets etc). You can see his pain from his face, even though he tries to hide it. His pain can be seen from the weariness of his face. His hair is white. 2) I have trouble remembering how I pictured Doran in the first place, but I think that Siddig fits the part. Judging by the pics, he doesn't look so sick. His hands didn't seem have any gout. He doesn't have the white/grey hair, but that doesn't matter so much, since Siddig is good age wise. Long before they cast Siddig, I had this quick thought about who do I want to see as Doran and for some reason the first thing what came to my mind is Ghassan Massoud who played Saladin in the Kingdom of heaven. Perhaps I thought that the show would make Dorne more Arabic in a way. 3) I saw him in Clash of the Titans, but I don't even remember his role in it.. I was still quite happy when they announced Siddig as Doran, since he had the certain feel to it. His experience will come handy. 4) Still waiting to see them!
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    Board Issues 4

    Seems like bots have invaded the forum
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    Welcome, the Red-Viper24! What could possibly be your favorite character? :rolleyes: Have you read all the books so far?
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    GoT Actors in Other Stuff - Part 2

    I saw the movie War Horse (2011) a few days ago and I spotted Davos as an army doctor.
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    Welcome Lance!! Hope you have a great time here! Natalie is indeed stunning! Do we have an appreciation thread here about all the beautiful women on GoT and wcw's? This is the wrong place! Previews aren't indeed enough! They make me more "hungry" for the actual book... ASoS of course, so many epic events happened then!
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    How would you rate episode 410?

    Tyrion's story line has been radically changed. And killing Shae seemed more like self defense rather than killing her in blind fury like he did in the books. The events at the wall were well made. I liked every scene there. Charles Dance and Peter Dinklage absolutely nailed their roles this season and especially this episode. Emilia Clarke finally made an effort and the Mereen scenes this episode were my favorite all season. The duel between Brienne and the Hound was gruesome but good. The Tywin-Cersei scene felt a bit forced,stiff and unnecessary. Fairly good episode but nothing specially well done. I can't hide my disappointment with the season finale, should have been better. But nevertheless I gave it a solid 8.
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    Thank you! Geez, I totally have a crush on Sophie T.. a stunning lady! I have been a fan for about 2 years now. My mother brought me the books and said "You might like them", and she couldn't have been more right! I fell in love with Westeros then! I just finished reading Dance with Dragons and I'm anxiously waiting the Winds of Winter! Thank you @King Tyrion I @Pollo de Uruguay! @Pollo de Uruguay always nice to meet a fellow Scandinavian! And welcome WarriorPrincess and Carcer! :cheers:
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    Well, I have been here for a week or so, hope it's not too late to introduce myself. I'm an 18-year old chap from Finland, I have read the books and I'm a huge fan of Asoiaf and of course the TV-series. My favorite characters are Tywin, Sansa, Stannis, Ned :crying: Arya is a boss as well. And yeah Sophie Turner is awesome. Cheers :cheers:
  9. The next episode will be too full to make any sense. I hope they're not going to include any Vale-stuff. One episode would have been enough to handle this battle, I'm very disappointed DnD. I was waiting the whole episode for Stannis to make a badass entry. But no.. sigh..
  10. True, I would have LOVED Tyrion's hysterical laugh and the "snakes don't have hands"-quote. A great episode all around, highlight's of the episode were: Sansa's transformation to a player and of course the trial by combat. The Missandrei & Grey Worm thing was time wasting and useless, we could have got so much more instead of that scene! A solid 9