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    Small Questions v. 10105

    Is there any basis for regarding Orys Baratheon as a legitimized bastard Targ, so that the Baratheons could become senior agnatic Targs upon the extinction of all senior (later) agnatic lines? So that suddenly Stannis or even legitimized Edric Storm comes before Dany under Salic succession (supposing the Darkfyres, the Brightflames, the lines of Aegon IV's bastards and the rest of them are in fact extinct in the male line)?
  2. It's possible and hinted at, so who knows, perhaps it's true, especially if we end up with Tyrion as a proper dragonrider with no explanation such as 'oh, it's extremely rare, but it does happens in the general population' or 'some distant ancestor up the line' (a lot of people had a Targaryen grandmother prior to Robert's Rebellion). What I find inconsistent is that Tywin and Joanna loved each other throughout, and there are no indications of her being polymarous, hence she probably wouldn't be one to cheat on him, and what we certainly don't have is hints of rape. 'Unwonted liberties' is not consensual, of course, but if that had been full-on rape, then it would have been stated as such, since there were witnesses and not just rumours. Besides, Aerys's remark about Joanna's breasts seem to indicate a lack of a closer relationship, or familiarity, or anything like that. This is a weak argument, of course, but intuitively he sounds more like a perv who's been fantasizing about her than a former lover or sexual partner.