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    Board Issues 4

    I've had that problem since yesterday, same issue with the UK politics thread All other threads are fine, just those two, and they are the only two threads that have tags. Could it be do with that?
  2. Nymeria10k

    Board Issues 4

    Mine will appear when I load the site, but if I'm quick enough I can get onto the login page before the banner loads fully. After that I have no adverts :)
  3. Nymeria10k

    Board Issues 4

    I don't have adverts anymore! Well not right now anyway. I checked a few times to be sure
  4. Nymeria10k

    Board Issues 4

    Update on the phone issue: Only advert showing for me now is the Kobo one, I can't use the forum on mobile at all now. I can't switch to desktop site on mobile either
  5. Nymeria10k

    Board Issues 4

    Same mobile issues as others, but if the banner is at the top it is fine. If it is at the bottom then I can't do anything let alone quote or edit (if it appears just when I have signed in) But if the banner appears after browsing for a while, I can post in that thread but can't do anything else including quoting and editing. I am using Opera (other browsers suck on my phone) can someone tell me if this is the same on Chrome/Firefox? The advert in question is a Kobo advert for me. I have no issues with adverts but it is rather irritating when it impairs my ability to use the site. I have to close my browser and reopen several times just to get an advert at the top rather than the bottom I will screencap next time it appears
  6. Looking back at the last few posts and thinking friends... tch, wish I knew what real friends were. Anyway, a more positive note, hello! I'm 20 years old and from a small city in England and currently studying Law at the University of Manchester.. and it's astonishing how many people automatically assume I'm very smart, the common reaction being 'Ooh look at you, doing Law!' It's not all honour and glory though, I keep having existential crises! Anyway, I enjoy anime, manga (I'm still a noob though) and reading in general more than anything, and writing fan fiction although that is currently on hold. I don't get as much time to read anymore and after putting ASOIAF off for so long because a friend said I might find it confusing at first, I'm so absorbed into the series that I can't even remember the last book I read before the series.. That being said I've finished all the books, it took me about two weeks to read them all and I enjoyed them immensely.. one of the best series I've read in a long time and completely different to anything I've ever read. While fantasy is a common genre most books usually revolve around a main character and a set of sub-characters with a main aim by the end but here there are a series of POVs with no real 'ending' in sight which makes it unique to say the least. Also the strange thing is I have no ships at all, I usually ship someone or the other :P My favourite characters are Jon Snow, Tyrion and Samwell Tarly. Dany was one but not too sure now... TV series, halfway through season one and my favourite scene so far is the one with Sam and Jon in it talking about girls, Sam is like 'You didn't know where to put it did you?' Then discussion about bastards and then a moment and silence and... 'You really didn't know where to put it, did you?' Good God that cracked me right up xD Tv sam is even funnier than book sam but I love both. Right, I've rambled on too much so if you have any questions for me or wanna talk to me or w.e go ahead cause I don't bite.. unless you're made out of cake ;) Also can someone kindly tell me if there is a writers' sub forum round here as I'd love to showcase some fan fiction. I have a lovely little idea for a GoT FF. Well here's to hoping I meet some lovely people round here :) Valar Morghulis!
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