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  1. Poison would work if you knew what type of poison to use. However what's poisonous to you and me could be very different to a dragon. For example dark chocolate can be poisonous to dogs and certain plants are poisonous to cats that aren't poisonous to dogs or people. Without capturing a dragon and testing (good luck with that) it's hard to figure out what would work and what wouldn't.

    So what are some other ways a dragon could die? Could you drown a dragon? They are so strong and powerful I don't know what you could use to keep under the water unless it was severely injured. Could lightening striking a dragon kill it? Again not enough info and that would take an act of God which u can't rely on.  I think fire is your best bet considering I saw one post say dragons killed smaller dragons with fire and if I remember correctly, it was said wildfire would burn anything, wood metal flesh it didn't matter. 

    If it were me I would pick a spot and basically try to lay a trap for the dragon. Try and use the natural terrain to my advantage in whatever way I could. Then you have to figure a way to get the wildfire on the dragon itself, the more the better. If your up high maybe u get lucky and and your able to pour it on the dragon as it flies up the mountain. Or u cover the ground in it and try to lure the dragon to that spot. Set it ablaze with a fire arrow and pray like hell it works. I'm sure a lot of people would die in the attempt if it was even possible, however that's the approach I would take.

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    Small questions for ADwD, v.V

    Arya uncle Edmure is held captive.
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    References and Homages

    Not reading all 78 pages, really 78 fucking pages of references and homages lol. However after looking over the stupidest names page I was gonna post benjen stark when I realized that might be a reference to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez which makes grrm the next incarnation of Nostradamus as the first book was out like 7 years before bennifer got together.
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    References and Homages

    Don't know if anybody said this but the battle of the wall is similar to the story of 300 Spartans fighting against the might of the entire Persian empire