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Warlords 2 Westeros mod

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I thought I'd share my Westeros Warlords 2 scenario on this forum as I guess it's probably the only place where anyone would be interested in it. It's basically a Westeros map that you can use for playing Warlords 2. The names of the warring sides have been changed to match those of the most important houses of Westeros, of course.

After watching the first two seasons of the tv series I just had to read the books. At the same time I was caught up in this old school turn-based strategy gem Warlords 2 that I used to play all the time back in 1995 or around that time. Combining the two was a no-brainer.

The instructions at my site should be self-explanatory. Please let me know what you think. Any suggestions to improve the game are welcome.


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