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[No Spoilers] EP403 Discussion


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Non-spoiler discussion of the show goes here, for those who've not read the books or those who have but are happy to not actually reference them at all in discussion, taking each episode as it comes.

This topic should open automatically when the show begins airing.

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Overall, was decent. Didn't like Hound stealing, or how Danaerys' loverboy killed the champion.

Didn't like how they were suddenly in fog, when Sansa escaped.

Loved Tywin's talk, as well as Shireen though.

So when is Stannis going to the wall? It seemed pretty urgent, but Stannis is taking his sweet time.

Oh, I think the entire Danaeyrs plot should be in Valyrian :)


Littlefinger will take Sansa to Braavos, where she will meet Arya. Sam will make out with Gilly, I hope they show the nude scene for that :)

Also, Tyrion will somehow survive his ordeal - he's too popular a character to die :)

And when is Yara going to rescue Theon? Some plot lines are taking too long!

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