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[No Spoilers] EP404 Discussion


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Hello my name is Eire, and I am new here. I have read GOT 1-4 and have started on book 5.

I wanted to post on this topic to write about the white walkers, and my opinion on seeing them in a kingdom after picking up the baby.

This is just me speculating, so bear with me, and not everyone has to agree:

Rather than have a white walker kingdom with a king and so on I always thought the white walkers were something more primitive. The white walkers are NOT human, anatomically they have humanoid features(except their exterior integumentay system) , but they are not humans. While the show may want to make them have a king, city, and palace is up to the show and G.R. martin,( and that is okay) but I think it is comparing them too much to the other houses of Westeros.

I always thought that the whitewalkers were more primitive in nature and acted similar in some ways to a tribe or a pack. Maybe they do not have an alpha , beta omega, gamma , or zeta like a wolf pack does, but psychology wise they lack fear , mercy, and bliss that makes a human. Instead for the others these emotions are replaced with insticts that weigh heavily on dominance , and submissiveness. An example of this episode was the first season of the first episode when they let that guy go because he submitted. The white walkers understand/or sense that humans are different in their way of thinking , and so they exploit it , by acting on their fear.

Tell me what you think please, I welcome all comments. I love the whitewalkers they are mysterious, and evil, - and I love it. I liked the entire episode and everything that we learned about the whitewalkers from it. Until I saw a kingdom , and a ruler- like they can have a god and a king, but I hope the show/books remembers they are not humans, and not to make them too general, and less mysterious, otherwise everything would feel very anticlamatic

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