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The Seven Above

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The Seven Above must smile on the realm, and blessed King Baelor. Ever since the clamor at the miraculous healing of a beggar in the streets, the king himself has been ensconced with the High Septon and the Most Devout, the wisest and most learned men of the faith whose spiritual counsel proves increasingly important to the young king. Small council meetings of late have even included the High Septon, it is said, though he holds no official seat on the council, instead acting to advise the king and his most gracious Hand and councillors. Gifts have gone out from the Red Keep’s treasury at the king’s command, gifts to poor septs in the city—including a hovel of a sept in Flea Bottom, the site that the king was visiting when the Seven worked their wonders through his hands, and which some of the faithful see as a holy site worthy of pilgrimage—have been numerous, some aimed to repair and beautify the septs, others with the intention of supporting their efforts to minister to the kingslanders who flock to them in search of solace.

And, too, the Seven Above smiled on the realm for another reason: the safe return of one of the sons of the dragon, Prince Aegon Targaryen, long away on an important embassy to Braavos. Carried above a Braavosi merchant galley captained by a dark woman whom some whispered was none other than the notorious smuggler and pirate called the Black Pearl, some remarked that the woman’s belly was swollen when she set the prince and his entourage of knights, squires, and servants ashore in King’s Landing. But she did not linger, and in any case, there are those who say she has lovers in every port, and any one of those might as well be a father to her get. Aegon, certainly, did not spend any time in regret for the parting: he loudly commandeered horses from a passing patrol of gold cloaks, and made his way to the Red Keep where he was greeted by his father Prince Viserys. It was a brief greeting, but then the Hand was on his way to a meeting on the grounds of the under-construction Great Sept, escorted by Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and men of his household.

As to the greeting between Prince Aegon and his lady wife, Princess Naerys? None could remark on it, for Prince Aegon was quickly carried off by close friends at court to drink and wassail through the night at his safe return.

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