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Are the dragons a little...useless?

Ben GT

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Something that has bugged me since this episode is Drogon and his descension to save Dany.

Drogon was against 50 Harpy? 100 at a push? He got severely injured and once Dany had got to safety he couldn't fly any longer whilst he was recovering.

Now, if that is against a few poorly armed untrained rebels what hope is there for the dragons against armies?

I know this was probably D&D doing their thing but for me it was the perfect time to show the power of Drogon but instead we see they're somewhat useless

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Fear tactics is what they offer.

Let's remember that Dany has kept two of them essentially locked up, while the other has roamed free on his own - they aren't exactly being groomed or trained to be killing machines, are they?

They also have a significant amount of growing to do as well, if the lore is to be believed.

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