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Xray the Enforcer

Volunteers Needed at Sasquan

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Just wanted to make clear that volunteers are definitely still needed at Sasquan. I've heard this directly from a couple of different people on the concom.


More generally, for those who have not been to WorldCon, or have only been to one or two: WorldCon is a VOLUNTEER-RUN convention. The convention needs volunteers during the event to keep things running smoothly, and the BWB has a long history of donating our time to that end. In fact, if you volunteer enough hours (and the convention turns a profit), then you can get some or all of your membership fee reimbursed. Plus, it's good for fandom as a whole.


Here are some volunteer opportunities:


Program needs volunteers for Children's Program, Green Room & Program Ops during the whole con. We also need extra help for set-up on Wednesday, August 19, 9am, meeting outside of room 206A (and we'll supply the coffee!) and for teardown Sunday, August 23 from 4-6. [Xray note: PM me to get the email address to contact Program Ops]


Sasquan has lots of unassigned volunteers, but we can always use more. We also have some areas, such as Program Green Room, which needs staff level folks. [Xray note: PM me for this email address to contact the volunteer coordinator directly]


Many Sasquan departments still need volunteers. I still need ushers for Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Hugos, and Masquerade.




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