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[PodCast] Westeros Wheneverly - ASOIAF and Alcohol

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Good Afternoon everyone, Today I've stumbled across this epic community dedicated to Westeros (Thanks to a fellow Podcast Lucifer brings Lightbringer). I've decided to introduce myself and my small yet fun podcast, So i'll start here:

Hello, I'm Dave and I'm an Addict of Ice and Fire;

*Hi Dave*

I'm a Avid Self-proclaimed Nerd/Geek/Gamer who after listening to numerous podcasts (mainly Kevin Smith, and Chris Hardwick) got inspired to make my own. With the Help from my good friend and AMAZING Comic Book Artist Tana, we started recording "Westeros Wheneverly."

Our Podcast is a little different than most, in each episode we center around a specific topic, and create an alcoholic drink to accompany said Topic. (Such as our Arya Episode, with Valgur Mojitos). We ramble, go off topic, and usually get a little intoxicated all while discussing ASOIAF. 

So if AOSIAF, Spoilers, Alochol, and Mayhem are in your wheel house, you might just like our little cast!

So Yes, this is a shameless Plug, but its also an Introduction of myself to this new community of ASOIAF/GoT Fans!!


Direct Link: wArri.podbean.com or you can search iTunes or Google Play Podcasts for : Westeros Wheneverly


Thanks for Reading!

All Men Must Drink 

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On 4/20/2016 at 3:24 PM, Meera of Tarth said:

A new podcast, always welcome

Thanks! We hope to give a different...and intoxicated look at the world.

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