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Jon's Haircut

Mr Smith

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On 10/05/2016 at 0:06 PM, A bowl of brown said:

Please no manbun. It might make me start rooting for Ramsay.

I am with you here; it really doesn't do anything for me and I loved Jon/Kit's image before.  Going on image alone I had to gag because okay, yeah, an image change sends a clear message in terms of personality changes et al but nope!  However, yes, they were in need of a slightly different image... still... how many of you guys (male) would wear it? and how many of you gals prefer him this way???  Just asking...  a pony tail would have been much preferrable to me lol   This being said, I seem to have strong feelings about actors in this show and their hair styles lol no preference as to colour or short -v- long but say, with Tyrion, I really, really prefer him whith the curls and highlights lol but hey, just a personal opinion lol 

This being said, Kit is phenomenally attractive, IMHO, and hey he is still hot but sadly that man bun or whatever is called reminds me of something my great grandmother would wear lol but just basically saying not into that particular fashion ....


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